The Parks, Recreation & Trails Advisory Board assess the community’s park and recreational facilities, programs, needs and costs, makes recommendations to the City Council for the care, management, supervision, improvement and budgeting for City parks and recreational facilities and provides recommendations related to the updating of the City’s Parks Master Plan.

The Board meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Thursday of each month at City Hall.

The City accepts applications for boards and commissions year-round, not just when there is a vacancy. If you feel you have something to contribute, please fill out an application and send it to City Clerk Susan Duncan. You can find the application here.

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Membership Requirements: Pursuant to FMC 2.20.020, members of the public who have resided in Whatcom County for at least one year are eligible to serve on the Board.

PRTAB Members:

Term Expires
Pos. 1: Dean Withrow Aug. 31, 2019
Pos. 2: Sara Fassett Aug. 31, 2019
Pos. 3: Paul Bulanov Aug. 31, 2019
Pos. 4: Darin Somers Aug. 31, 2019
Pos. 5: Peter Harksell, Jr. Aug. 31, 2021
Pos. 6: Rob Northouse Aug. 31, 2021
Pos. 7: Todd McKernan Aug. 31, 2021
Pos. 8: Mike Contezac Aug. 31, 2021
Pos. 9: Max Burrage Aug. 31, 2021
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