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 Report an Issue

Is there a pothole in your road, a downed power line, a code enforcement issue or a health violation? If you need to reach a City official, here’s a good place to start. Check out the options below to find the best person or agency to contact.

Water Leak?

If during work hours, please call the Public Works Department at (360) 384-4006. If after hours, please call 911, inform them it is not an emergency and give them the details. They will contact our public works team.

Power Outage?

Please contact Puget Sound Energy for information on power outages. Click here to see their Outage Map and report a power outage.

Citizen Complaint Form

If you wish to report a city code violation or potential issue of concern, please click here to use our Citizen Complaint form.

  • Pothole or Dangerous Road Condition?

    If during business hours, please call Public Works at (360) 384-4006. If after hours and a danger to the public, please call 911 and they will be in contact with Public Works.

  • Traffic Signal Out?

    First, check to make sure that the power isn’t out in the surrounding area, then call Ferndale Public Works at (360) 384-4006.

  • Street Light Not Working?

    Contact Puget Sound Energy by clicking here and filling out the form.

  • My neighbor is doing something wrong

    Whether it is an RV parked too long, or a chicken coop that is attracting pests or a shed that looks about ready to fall down on your property, all of these are handled by our Code Compliance Officer Kyla Boswell. Click here to go to our Code Enforcement page.

  • Trees and branches falling on my property

    In high winds, trees and limbs can pose a hazard to you and your property.

    If a tree falls on your property – here’s what you need to do:

    1. Make sure everyone is safe. Even after a tree has come to rest in your property, it is still a potential hazard and can shift in the wind. Safety first.
    2. If the tree is blocking the roadway or sidewalk, let us know. If it is during work hours, call Ferndale Public Works at (360) 384-4006. If it is after hours, call 911 and they will contact the appropriate public works department (the County or Ferndale) for removal.
    3. If the tree falls on private property, take pictures and file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Follow their process as directed by your insurance agent.
    4. Contact an arborist to remove the fallen tree. A licensed professional is best for handling the large removal of a tree.
    5. If you believe that you have a claim against the City, you can find the appropriate form on our website here.

    Storms are trying times for communities and Ferndale shines the brightest when we work together. Be a good neighbor, drive carefully when there is debris in the road and use good judgement.

  • That tree looks like it might fall

    The City does what it can however there are far more trees than hours in the day. Please do not attempt to prune a city tree yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Ferndale Public Works Department at (360) 384-4006

  • Observe a Spill or Discharge?

    The City of Ferndale has established (360) 685-2357 as its hotline for reporting spills and other illicit discharges into the stormwater system or surface waters within the city limits. You may also email

  • Find Some Illegal Dumping?

    If you see someone illegally dumping materials, please report them to Kyla Boswell, our code compliance officer at or 360-685-2365.

  • When does the Street Sweeper come by

    The PW department has been sweeping City streets for years as an effort to keep the streets in good repair and looking nice. Since the inception of street sweeping there have been modifications made within stormwater that require us to sweep more often. Street sweeping is now helping to keep the storm system clean as well as the streets.

    While we put a considerable effort into maintaining a consistent schedule throughout the entire City, there are many variables that make it impossible.

    In the end, we regularly sweep on Fridays every week. If there are concerns regarding our street sweeping schedule and/or why we may have missed your area, it may have been due to one or more of the following:

    • Parked cars on the side of the street
    • Trash/recycle containers, toys and basketball hoops in the street
    • Branches and other foliage hanging into the street
    • Our sweeper may be in need of repairs
    • Public Works may have an emergency situation requiring our attention

Need an officer? Call 9-1-1

If you need a Ferndale police officer for any reason, call 9-1-1. Yes, we know this goes against everything you’ve been taught, but in Whatcom County our dispatch center has asked that we do it this way. They just request that you let the call receiver know right away if your call is a non-emergency or emergency call, so that they can prioritize their calls.