City Seeks Volunteers to Speed Up Thornton Road Overpass Project

4/1/2021 – The City is seeking limber and athletic volunteers to assist with the Thornton Road Overpass Project. Currently, the City is patiently waiting for the approaches to the bridge to compress the underlying clay to form a stable foundation. To assist this process, the City is recruiting volunteers to stand on the site of the future bridge and jump up and down.

“There’s a technique to it,” said Capital Projects Manager Katy Radder. “You really have to get some air when you jump and come down with both feet flat on the ground.” The additional pounding is anticipated to accelerate the compression of the soils and shave hours or even days off the construction timeline.

“Obviously, we want to get the most effective volunteers possible,” said Communication Officer Riley Sweeney. “That’s why we recommend that all volunteers stop by Edaleen Dairy and eat 1-2 scoops of ice cream first. Every little pound helps.”

To help synchronize the jumping, music will be played for the volunteers and all participants will need to sign a liability waiver.

“We really hope folks will jump at this opportunity,” said Sweeney. “We understand that it is an unusual tactic but I know how this community is eager to bounce back from this pandemic and spring into action.”

Interested participants must sign up for a volunteer jumping shift by emailing for a brief evaluation for athletic fitness and overall levels of whimsy.

Yes, this is an April Fools Day joke. The Thornton Overpass construction site, like most construction sites, is closed to the public as a safety precaution. 

Thank you Mark Burnfield for the idea for this year’s joke.

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