Facility Rentals

Interested in renting a City facility? Below is all the information you need to reserve your space.

If you have any questions, please contact Toni Segerman at (360) 685-2369 who handles our rentals.

Phillips66 Sports Complex

The Phillips66 Sports Complex is a multi-million dollar sports facility which boasts four regulation softball fields, two soccer fields, on site concessions and more.

Park Facilities Reservations

Click the link to download the Parks Reservation form for all parks facilities including the North Picnic Shelter, the Stage at Pioneer Park, the Barr Barn and the Athletic Fields (except for Phillip66, see left)

Pioneer Pavilion Community Center

With almost 6,000 square feet, this space is perfect for your next wedding, convention hall or company event. The hall comes complete with bathrooms, tables and chairs for 300 guests.

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