Finance Department

The Finance Office oversee the general financial workings and requirements for the City.

The City Finance Director is tasked with the development of the City’s Annual Report and Budget.

The Finance Office also manages the annual audit and investments, provides monthly and annual revenue and expenditure reporting in relationship to the annual budget, and prepares water and sewer utility billings.

Explore Your City Budget

The State Auditor has an interactive online tool allowing you to explore Ferndale’s budget like never before. Click the icon to the left or the header to explore the page.

Utility Billing

Payment options (online, phone, etc), Billing Schedule, Rate Sheets, FAQs, Rate Assistance, Water Conservation

 Budget Documents

Current Budget, Monthly Financial Reports, Annual Financial Report, Fee Schedule

State Audits

The Washington State Auditor’s Office conducts a financial audit every year of the City finances. Click here for all the reports dating back to 2005.

Financial Management Policies

Click here to find the policies and practices that ensure the safe stewardship of your tax dollars.

Unified Fee Schedule

Complete list of charges for City services.

Business License

Here are the forms you need to secure a business license in the City of Ferndale.

Risk Management

Claims, insurance and liability services

Finance Workshops

In 2020, the City is offering a series of financial workshops exploring different topics relating to city finances. The presentations are available for you below:


 Contact our City Finance Director Sirke Salminen with any questions about our finances.

Phone: (360) 685-2352
Fax: (360) 384-1163
E-mail: Sirke Salminen

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