Ferndale Launches Citywide Scavenger Hunt for the Month of July

Aliens have landed in Ferndale and are leaving strange symbols scattered throughout the city. That’s the hook for “The Great Ferndale Alien Abduction”, an annual scavenger hunt held during the month of July.

Participants follow clues to find banners hidden throughout the city while also partaking in community events, meeting their neighbors or volunteering to score additional points. The high scoring teams receive cash prizes and the first-place winner gets to ride in a city dump truck in the Old Settlers Parade. Everyone is welcome to participate, it is free to play.

“This is a great opportunity to explore your city, get some fresh air and discover some new ways to have fun,” said Recreation Coordinator Riley Sweeney.  This scavenger hunt is the third annual iteration of this event, similar to last year’s “Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery”.

For more information and to download a scorecard, go to www.cityofferndale.org/aliens. More information about the City’s parks activities can be found at www.ferndaleparks.com.

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