Public Documents

At the City, we are committed to complete transparency – after all, we work for you! Here you can find employee contracts, issued permits, minutes and agendas, city code, forms and more.

If you are having trouble finding something, please email our City Clerk, Susan Duncan, by clicking here or calling (360) 685-2354.

Front Row: Councilmembers Paul Shuey, Herb Porter, Kate Bishop and Ramon Llanos.
Back Row: Councilmembers Ryan O'Larey, Erin Gunter, Mayor Greg Hansen and Councilmember Ali Hawkinson

City Council Materials

Agendas, Minutes, Committee Materials

Past Meeting Audio

To access audio recordings of City Council meetings, please use this link.

Planning Documents

Permits, Hearing Examiner Materials, Recorded Plats, etc

Forms & Applications

From Business Licenses to Water Applications

City Code

The Ferndale Municipal Code is hosted by the Code Publishing Company.

Contracts & Agreements

Union Contracts, Interlocal Agreements, Service Agreements, Non-Represented Employee Contracts, etc

Public Notices

Notices of public meetings, public notice for zoning changes, etc.

Public Records Request

The City of Ferndale is committed to providing easily-accessible public records to the public. The city is obligated to follow the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) in performing its records management duties. Click the link above to file a public records request.

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