Hearing Examiner

The Hearings Examiner reviews, holds public hearings when appropriate and makes a final determination on many development applications, such as Conditional Use Permit Applications, Zoning Variance Applications, Short Plat Variances, Shoreline Variance Applications, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit Applications, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Applications and other consolidated discretionary permit applications.

The Examiner also provides final rulings on appeals of SEPA threshold determinations, appeals of administrative decisions and interpretations of Titles 15 through 18 and other development-related portions of the Ferndale Municipal Code, or Shoreline Master Program, as well as appeals of administrative decisions and interpretations pertaining to City Development Standards, and other applicable design standards and guidelines.
The Hearings Examiner also conducts hearings and makes recommendations for final City Council action on Preliminary Plat Applications, Plat Variances and Planned Unit Development Permits. In carrying out these tasks, he or she has the authority to receive and examine all available information on the proposal, conduct public hearings, prepare a record thereof, and enter findings of fact and conclusions of law based upon these facts. The Examiner’s decision is based upon the Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Master Program, land use regulatory codes of the City, or any other applicable ordinances adopted by the City Council. The Hearings Examiner is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council for a three-year term.

Hearing Examiner Notices

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