Retail Development (EAGLE Program)

The City of Ferndale has established innovative policies to attract, retain, and guide future retail development.

In 2008, the City determined that the majority of retail development-related impacts (traffic, environment, aesthetics) could be addressed and mitigated for.

During an extensive process, a broad cross-section of the community expressed a desire that large retail development be designed to reflect local concerns and expectations, including the local environment, economy, and Ferndale in general.

The City was able to create the EAGLE Program – an indicator-based program that addresses five primary elements:

Environmental Efficiency
Advanced Technologies
Greater Good
Low Impact Development
Economic Development

The City also established retail design guidelines (link below), intended to provide future development with examples of good retail design.

Documents: (Note: Right-click “Save-As” for large documents)
Note: The EAGLE Catalog and checklist were updated, with City Council approval, in December 2012.

• EAGLE Development Catalog
• EAGLE Checklist
• EAGLE Indicators (Excel spreadsheet)
• Appendices
• Retail Design Manual

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