2018 Budget

The Budget is the culmination of over four months of work and consideration by many individuals. Beginning in June, City Department Directors are asked to prepare estimates of anticipated expenditures for the coming year. During this time period, the City Finance Director begins the process of estimating year-end expenditure levels and projecting revenues for the ensuing 12 months. The Mayor and administrative staff work to organize all requests into the proper funds and within the resources estimated to be available.

By the beginning of October, the Preliminary Budget is submitted to the City Council for review and comment. The Council then conducts Budget Workshops and, later, public hearings to gather additional information and public input. Finally, a balanced and complete budget for the ensuing year is adopted prior to December 31st. This adopted budget, together with any required amendments, serves to guide City department expenditure levels and major activities throughout the year.

Please follow the links below to view the City of Ferndale’s Annual Budget documents for the 2018 fiscal year (January 1st through December 31st). All documents are in pdf/Adobe format. Questions regarding the document should be directed to the City Finance Director. Previous Budgets are also available to view at the Budget Section.

As passed by the Ferndale City Council on December 4th, 2017, here is the budget for 2018.

Table of Contents

SECTION I – Introduction

SECTION 2 – Budget Development

SECTION 3 – Summary Data

SECTION 4 – Current Expense Fund Revenues

SECTION 5 – Current Expense Fund Expenditures

SECTION 5 (PART 2) – Current Expense Fund Expenditures

SECTION 6 – Special Revenue Funds – Revenues & Expenditures

SECTION 7 – Debt Service Funds 

SECTION 8 – Enterprise Funds

SECTION 9 – Internal Service Funds

SECTION 10 – Agency Funds

SECTION 11 – Reserve Funds

SECTION 12 – Solid Waste Utility Tax Fund

SECTION 13 – Pioneer Pavilion Community Center Operating Fund

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