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RFP Submitted Questions & Responses

The following questions were submitted in response to the City’s Request for Proposals for a municipal financial software system. Answers are in bold and italicized.

  1. What is the total number of utility billing customers/utility connections, and how many are residential vs. commercial accounts:

Answer: We have roughly 6,000 total accounts, of that we estimate approximately 5,000 residential customers and 1,000 commercial customers.

  1. What is the preferred document format for responses, i.e. attached PDF, word doc, PPT?

Answer: PDF is preferred, but the City will accept any and all of the formats listed.

  1. There is mention of contracted IT services.  Should responders with IT service options include that in the proposal?

Answer: The City is not seeking full-service IT services through this request.  However, responders should describe the extent to which they are able to service their software as well as any additional IT support is typically associated with installing, maintaining, and updating the software packages, in addition to any physical hardware (servers, etc.) that may be required.  The ability of the responder to work closely with third party IT providers may also be included.

  1. Will there be a short list, or will the committee proceed straight to selection after proposal review?

Answer: The City reserves the right to establish a short list, or to proceed straight to selection after proposal review.  This decision will depend on the number and quality of responses. 

  1. How many monthly or quarterly bills do you provide?

Answer: We bill bi-monthly to each account, so approximately 6,000 bills every two months.

  1. Have you conducted any demonstrations of potential software solutions in advance of this RFP?

Answer:  No.

  1. What is the file size limitation for electronic submittal?

Answer: We are not aware of any file size limitations.

  1. What makes your current provider not a good fit for you?

Answer: The City’s current financial software is outdated and is no longer supported with updates. Due to its age (approximately ten years old), there are challenges in integrating the software with newer models: technology has advanced significantly in the last decade, and the existing software is no longer providing the same advantages in terms of workflow and staff time as it once did, and no longer reflects what is possible and expected of financial software systems for local government. In addition, the City believes that there are opportunities to seek updated financial software modules that will permit greater streamlining of operations, less manual entry, less reliance on paper documentation, and enhanced security features, both in regard to cybersecurity as well as internal fraud. The City also believes that there are opportunities to improve the segregation of duties and to establish and maintain software-based internal controls without relying on additional policies or procedures necessary to interact with the current modules.  

Request for Proposals – Financial Management Software System


The City of Ferndale (“City”) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit vendor proposals for a municipal financial management software system (system) to serve the current and projected needs of the City.  The application software and hardware configuration should comply with the minimum specifications as outlined in this RFP.  The City operates on the cash basis of accounting.

The City intends to seek the best solution, based on the evaluation criteria contained in this RFP, for its data processing needs.  The successful vendor(s) will seek to establish an integrated hardware/software environment for the City that can be implemented rapidly following conversion of existing data and processes into the system.  The hardware/software must satisfy the specifications contained in this RFP and shall include whatever vendor resources are required from the areas of computer systems hardware, software, security, technical training, conversion, maintenance, and service support, including coordination with the City’s IT provider.


The City of Ferndale is a Second Class Code City located in Whatcom County, in northwest Washington State.  The City has a population of approximately 15,500 people and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Washington State and operates as a cash-basis entity, utilizing the Washington State Auditor Budget, Accounting, and Reporting System (BARS).  The Ferndale Finance Department consists of five full-time employees, including a Director, Deputy Treasurer, Senior Accountant, Utility Billing Clerk, and Accounts Payable Clerk.  The City currently operates Vision Classic municipal finance software and utilizes Payroll, Utility Billing, Cash Management, Financials, and Business Licensing modules within that software.

Currently, the City also utilizes Microsoft Excel to supplement financial software when creating and maintaining the City’s budget, in creating Journal Entry and Transfer documentation, and more.  The City also utilizes Quickbooks to process Accounts Receivable.  The majority of City forms, including timesheets, utility billing, purchase orders or vouchers, and budget reporting are completed on paper copies that are then manually entered into the respective software systems.

In addition to the above, the City is seeking a Municipal Financial Management Software System and vendor that will provide:

  1. Full integration between financial modules (budgeting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, utility billing).
  2. Budgeting reports include integrated revenue and expenditure balances with a minimum 5-year comparison reporting.
  3. Solutions , including software features or third-party applications, that will facilitate the conversion of existing hard-copy forms (time sheets, purchase vouchers, etc.) into an electronic format, with the goal of decreasing or eliminating hard copy paperwork and manual data entry.
  4. Compatibility with MS Office tools.
  5. Easy export of all data for analysis.
  6. Installed (non cloud-based) solution is preferred, but cloud-based applications will be considered.
  7. Real time posting of all financial transactions.
  8. Reliable and responsive support, with demonstrated company stability and continued innovation.
  9. Compatibility with SmartGov, Asset Essentials (Brightly Software), InvoiceCloud preferred.
  10. Ability to convert Vision Classic data to new system(s).
  11. Adequate security controls, including “firewall” controls: full access, read-only, and limited editing for all modules. Security controls must also include reporting and audit tools which document the nature and time of individual user edits within the system.  Security controls should also include secondary approval for adjustments and changes.
  12. Reasonable ability for City staff to modify or edit City processes and thresholds based on City code or process changes.
  13. Solutions, including software features or third-party applications, that will enable online access for employees to view or print paystubs, W2’s, and employee accruals.


  1. General Ledger
  2. Budget (the City currently operates on an annual budgeting basis, biennial budget capability also requested)
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Utility Billing, including flexibility to modify calculation methodology such as utility averaging, tiered billing structures, and to include other billing methodologies associated with different customer classes, including customer classes not yet defined by the current rate structure.
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Cash Receipting
  7. Payroll (including integrated timesheets), automated vacation request/ employee accrual database preferred
  8. Miscellaneous Invoicing

The City seeks to contract with a single vendor for all hardware and software, and hardware/software maintenance, installation, conversion, training, and support.  The City contracts with an independent third party for IT purposes, and coordination between the single vendor and the City’s IT consultant is anticipated.  The City reserves the right to evaluate each software application module on its own standard of performance, regardless of whether other or remaining application modules of the vendor are considered by the City.  The City reserves the right to award the system to any one vendor or a combination of vendors.

Digital proposal will be accepted until 5pm on April 28th, 2023.  Proposals submitted must be binding for no less than ninety (90) days after the date received.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or portions of a proposal.  The City also reserves the right to waive minor technicalities in the proposal.  The City reserves the right of evaluation and the right to determine the methodology for evaluation of the proposals to determine which proposal is best.  The City reserves the right to re-open the RFP process or to modify the process after April 28th, 2023, if no vendor has been chosen.  In such case, nothing shall prevent a vendor from submitting a new or identical proposal.  However, the submission of a prior proposal shall not automatically result in consideration during a new RFP process.  In addition, the City reserve the right to accept the proposal (or proposals) deemed to be in the best interest of the City; the most qualified proposal will not necessarily be the proposal with the lowest cost.  Further, the City reserves the right to accept a proposal (or proposals) for any or all items separately or together.

Digital proposals should be submitted with the subject line “Municipal Financial Management Software,” and signed by an officer of the company.  Digital proposals shall be mailed to the following email address:

It is the responsibility of the vendor to deliver the proposal in accordance with the instructions contained above and/or elsewhere in the RFP.  Proposals dispatched, but not received by the City by the proposal closing time, will not be considered.

Pre-Submittal Questions: There will be no pre-bidders conference.  Vendor inquiries are to be director to Susan Duncan, City Clerk, at

Comparable Agencies/ City Tour:  The City may seek to gain a better understanding of the manner in which vendor software has been integrated into the daily operations of other public entities (not necessarily municipal governments), and requests a list of Washington State public agencies that are currently utilizing this software.  The City reserves the right to contact any and all of these agencies and may request a tour or conference with these agencies, independent of the vendor.

Award of Contract: The final award of the proposal or contract will be made by the Ferndale City Council.  The City reserves the right to request that representatives of the vendor attend a City Council meeting or City Council Committee meeting (virtual or in-person) in order to respond to questions or to demonstrate the functionality of the system.

Contract: In addition to the completed proposal, a resulting contract may be required by the City, including but not limited to: written correspondence between the City and the vendor subsequent to the proposal submission, product literature, or similar.

RFP Amendments: The City reserves the right to request clarification on any proposal or to ask respondents to supply any additional material deemed necessary to assist in the evaluation of the proposal.  The City reserves the right to change the RFP schedule or to issue amendments to the RFP at any time.  The City also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP without notice.

Public Disclosure: All materials provided to the City by vendors are subject to State and City public disclosure laws.  Any proprietary information contained in the vendor’s proposal must be clearly designated and shall be labeled “Proprietary Information.”  Marking the entire proposal or any one or more of the major sections as proprietary will not be accepted.

Software Conversion: The City currently utilizes Vision Classic financial software and anticipates that all or a majority of data from the existing software provider will be converted to the new system.  The City further anticipates that both software suites will continue to operate for a period of time as City staff are trained and as the system is integrated.  The preferred vendor must demonstrate the technical ability to coordinate this data transfer.

Contact with City Employees.  In order to ensure fair and objective evaluation, all questions related to this RFP should be addressed only to the person(s) so named in this RFP.  Contact with any other City employee, including but not limited to email or telephone marketing directed at any City staffmember is expressly prohibited without prior consent of the person(s) so named herein.  Vendors directly contacting other City employees will risk elimination of their proposal from further consideration.  Any vendor with an existing relationship or contract with the City may contact the City only to perform required maintenance and updates of existing systems, be they related to the City’s financial modules or another form of software or hardware.


The City intends to complete the selection process using the following schedule.  However, the City reserves the right to adjust the timeline as necessary.  Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the City’s website.

Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted to the City by March 31, 2023 at noon.  The list of submitted questions with their respective answers will be posted to the City’s website by April 4th at 5pm.  The City in its sole discretion will determine whether its response to a question is adequate.

The City reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposal submitted.  The City shall not be bound or in any way obligated until both parties have executed a vendor contract.  The City also reserves the right to delay contract award and/or not to make a contract award.

Release Request For Proposal                                                     March 14th, 2023

Vendor Questions Due                                                                  March 28th, 2023

VENDOR PROPOSALS DUE BY 5PM                                            April 28th, 2023

City Review                                                                                        April 28th – May 8th

Vendor Selected – Recommendations to Council                May 10th, 2023

Council Approval – Contract Awarded                                     May 15, 2023


The RFP Response shall be organized in the following order:

Cover Letter

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Background
  • Client References
  • Recommended Software Solution
    • Recommended hardware and software
    • Proposed data conversion process
    • Proposed implementation and training schedule
  • Support
  • Cost Summary
  • Terms and Conditions


  • Executive Summary


The Executive Summary should include a brief overview of the Proposal.  It should be prepared in such a manner as to make it understandable to individuals not familiar with the terminology particular to a project of this type.

2.0 Company Background

The Company Background should provide vendor information including, but not limited to:

  • Company headquarters information
  • Complete list of products provided by the Vendor, including, but not limited to:
    • Release date
    • Most-recent update
    • Product origination (i.e., developed in-house, acquisition from another Vendor, etc.)
    • Anticipate future software updates or plans to update, and including expectations for product patches to be included in a potential contract, vs. updates that will not be included in the potential contract.
  • Number of years in public sector software
  • Total number of clients
  • Total number of employees

List the number of staff members* by primary responsibility:

Development: ___________________________

Support: ________________________________

Implementation: ____________________________

Marketing and Sales: _________________________

Network Services: ___________________________

Accounting: ________________________________

TOTAL**: ____________________________________


*If applicable, please note any staffing expansions or reductions anticipated within the next
twelve months, why these changes may be necessary, and the consequences to the vendor if these changes do not occur as planned.

**As necessary, please describe the manner in which individual employees are tasked with
multiple responsibilities within the organization.

3.0 Client References

Vendor must supply at least three (3) Washington sites that are currently using a similar system requested by the City.  Be sure to include the total population served by the government.  Please provide: entity name, address, contact name, phone number, and email address.  This reference list is mandatory. 

4.0 Recommended Software Solution

Describe the recommended software solution for the requested Municipal Financial Management Software.

  • Product names and features. The City welcomes a comprehensive list of features, including a discussion of the manner in which these features contribute to a comprehensive financial management software solution, a comprehensive and streamlined City financial process, reduction or elimination of hard copy forms and manual data entry, creation of new digital forms, and potential integration with existing City processes and procedures.
    • The vendor may also include recommended third party software or hardware that is intended to complement and will be compatible with the vendor’s own systems.
    • Any known or anticipated issues or concerns related to data and software conversion from legacy systems.
    • Recommended City hardware, including server access, and including planned coordination with the City’s IT provider related to:
      • Review of initial needs
      • Initial installation
      • Customer service
      • Unplanned updates/ troubleshooting
      • Scheduled updates
    • Testing and verification procedures necessary to validate full and accurate data transfer.
    • Vendor responsibility for protecting against, monitoring, reporting, and resolving security breaches

5.0 Support

The Vendor should provide the following Support Information:


  • Support Options
    • Does the Vendor provide Online Support?
    • Is the Vendor available for pre-arranged onsite collaboration that can be integrated into the contract, or may be available for an additional cost, as needed, beyond the contract?
    • Typical response times

Other options for support?


  • Support Goals
    • Please provide response times and resolution times to the following incident levels:
      • Emergency (Issue must be resolved immediately)
      • Critical (Issue must be resolved rapidly in order to maintain City functions)
      • Standard Help Call (Resolution not time-critical)


  • Problem Escalation Procedures
    • How are incidents handled?
    • What tools do the vendor support staff use in order to understand the issue, to collaborate with other vendor employees, and to work with City staff?
    • What is the basic chain of command? What elements of the command structure should City staff understand when making a request?
    • Can City staff break the chain of command for emergency issues, if they do not believe the issue is being resolved efficiently? How would this process take place?


  • System Updates
    • How are updates managed?
    • How often are updates released?
    • What is the typical downtime during an update?
    • Do all modules have the same update schedule?
    • When is the next major modification scheduled for each of the modules?
    • Does the vendor anticipate that any of the modules will be replaced or discontinued within the next five years? If so, which one(s)?
    • What steps are taken to protect against data breaches, fraud, or the loss of data during initial conversion and subsequent updates?


  • Vendor Dissolution or Sale
    • What steps are in place to protect the City from the sudden or unexpected dissolution of the vendor, or its sale?
    • Will the City be able to access data if the vendor is suddenly dissolved? What steps can be established to ensure that City data is retained and can be imported to replacement software?
    • What steps are in place to ensure that the Vendor will support data conversion from its platform to another platform, should the City seek another platform in the future?

6.0 Cost Summary

Amounts should contain taxes.  All costs shall be in actual dollar-and-cent amounts, “Time and Material” quotation is not acceptable.  Please break down costs by each product and the associated costs to implement.  Provide a separate break down cost and details for recommended data import from Vision Classic software for all applications.  Provide a separate break down cost and details for training City Staff.  Please note that for the purposes of these calculations, City Staff shall include:

  • Finance Director (one FTE)
  • Deputy Treasurer (one FTE)
  • Senior Accountant (one FTE)
  • Utility Billing Clerk (one FTE)
  • Accounts Payable (one FTE)
  • Misc non-Finance Staff who will utilize new software on an irregular basis, generally as internal users/customers.

7.0 Terms and Conditions


Vendor shall protect, indemnify, and hold the City harmless from and against any damage, cost, or liability for any injuries to persons or property arising from acts or omissions of the vendor, its employees, agents, or sub-contractors, howsoever caused.


Certificates of insurance shall be addressed to the City.  All insurance shall be in effect during the term of the contract.  Vendor shall provide the following coverage:

  • General liability, errors, and missions insurance not less than $1million for bodily injury including accidental death, to any one person and aggregate. Property damage not less than $1 million for any one accident or aggregate.
  • Vendor’s Protective Liability Damage Insurance in the same minimum coverage as under General Liability Insurance.
  • Worker compensation insurance in accordance with provisions of the Labor Code of Washington.


The electronic conversion of the City’s existing data is vital.  Vendor must address the conversion methodology, including data needs from the City and the existing software provider (Vision Classic), and disclose all related conversion costs in the cost summary.  The Vendor must also clarify expectations for City staff participation in data import and conversion.

Response Preparation Costs

The City will not pay any costs incurred by any vendor in the proposal preparation, printing, demonstration, or negotiation process.  All costs shall be borne by the proposing vendors with the exception of costs associated with any City personnel visits to Vendor offices or other client sites.


The basis for the evaluation of proposals received shall including the following considerations, along with the indicated relative importance.  Pursuant to RCW 29.04.270, the City will choose the vendor or vendors whose proposal is determined in the City’s sole discretion to be most advantageous to the City.  By submitting a proposal, a vendor acknowledges and agrees to these conditions:

  1. Vendor’s performance record in meeting the requirements of their existing public sector customers (users). Particular emphasis will be placed in the areas of training, customer support and the ability to meet the anticipated future needs of the City.
  2. Compatibility and integration with existing hardware and software.
  3. Total cost, including capability and costs to perform the required conversion of existing data files.
  4. Quality of application software manuals, or other documentation and training aids.
  5. Ease and ability to train user personnel .
  6. Responsiveness and adherence to the requested proposal format, which includes the thoroughness of the proposal as well as the format of the presentation .
  7. Proposer’s ability to support the total system solution, including implementation, conversion, software, training,, and software maintenance, support and on-going modifications .
  8. Software maintenance, support, and service capability .
  9. Built in compliance with the Washington State Auditor’s prescribed Budget, Accounting, and Reporting System (BARS) for a cash basis entity .
  10. Budgeting reports include integrated revenue and expenditure balances with 5-year comparison reporting .
  11. Vendor responsibility for protecting against, monitoring, reporting, and resolving security breaches, including anticipated vendor access requirements before, during, and after conversion.
  12. Overall operational fit, including potential streamlining of operations, decrease in manual entry, and decrease in hard-copy record storage requirements.







Ferndale 2023 Municipal Budget Available Online

On their December 5th, 2022 Council Meeting, the Ferndale City Council unanimously passed the 2023 Budget. You can click here to access the full detailed breakdown or you can read the Mayor’s budget message below which summarizes what the budget does for Ferndale.


Recently, I stood at the Thornton Overpass construction site, watching in awe as massive cranes carefully lifted girders the size of a city block and placed them on pillars above the railroad tracks. These girders will form the bones of the Overpass, supporting cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians for generations to come as they travel to and from our city. As the 130,000-pound components were locked into place, I was struck by the size and scope of the moment we find ourselves in.

Here, on the cusp of 2023, Ferndale is making big changes. We are putting in place the structures, roads and organizations we need to grow as a community. This document reflects and supports those changes and capitalizes on new opportunities to come. Therefore, it is my pleasure to present to our honorable City Councilmembers and the greater Ferndale community, the 2023 budget for the City of Ferndale.

In 2023, the cityscape in which we live will change. We will see the demolition of our beloved Old Main building and the full opening of our new Ferndale High School. We expect to see the Catalyst Project break ground on Main Street. We will see the opening of a brand-new skate park for Ferndale that pays tribute to our industrial history while providing recreation for the future generations. We will see brand new housing developments that reflect the diversity of our community – single family neighborhoods, multi-family near our downtown and low-income housing for those who need it.

In our downtown, we have seen several new businesses open including restaurants, grocery, and retail. Beyond our city core, new manufacturers are bringing fresh jobs, new ideas, and more commerce to our community.

As our city grows and changes, our local government rises to meet the needs of our community. The 2023 budget includes a new police officer – a necessary addition to our dedicated police department that will help keep us safe. It also includes a new planner to keep the permit desk moving swiftly, expanded hours for our park workers, and a new public works crew member to plow our streets and repair our infrastructure.

Like those large girders, we are laying the groundwork for the future. We are designing a new civic campus that will include a new court, council chambers and city hall. We are designing a new stage at Pioneer Park to host more and even better events at the heart of our community. And for the first time, we have hired both a federal and state advocate, to help bring our tax dollars back home from Olympia and Washington, DC for the projects we need done in our city.

During the pandemic, we activated Ferndale Community Services and the Ferndale Downtown Association, expanding their reach and abilities and you will see the impact of those decisions in 2023. Already, Ferndale Community Services is operating a severe weather shelter throughout the cold season and the Downtown Association has distributed thousands of dollars in grants to our downtown community to expand and support our local businesses.

We have done all of this and more through prudent financial management, a willingness to try new things, and good old-fashioned legwork. The actions that we are poised to take in 2023 and beyond are built on solid plans and careful consideration.  Ferndale is a community of doers and innovators, much more than dreamers.  This means that we must be realistic:  we are in an unusual economy, with extremely low unemployment, extreme demand and limited supply of housing, and significant inflation. This budget anticipates that our costs will increase more rapidly than our revenues, and while the budget allows the City to move forward with its plans, we must look carefully at the economics of 2024 and beyond.

Ferndale is becoming known as a collaborative City, and through this teamwork we have been able to do things that larger cities could only dream of.  Rather than pounding the table or making partisan speeches, here in Ferndale, we are focused on doing the work and finding the solutions. As President Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

This budget, like the girders at Thornton, is a key component in that bridge to the future. A future full of change, promise and opportunities for our city.


Thank you,

Mayor Greg Hansen

Ferndale Hires Rachel Moothart as new Finance Director

Ferndale Hires Rachel Moothart as new Finance Director

Rachel Moothart

The City is excited to introduce Rachel Moothart as our new Finance Director. Moothart comes from the private sector where she is the Accounting Manager for Syndel, an international aquaculture manufacturer based out of Ferndale. Her professional experience includes serving as the financial controller for Woodstone Corporation in Bellingham. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting as well as a Master of Business Administration in business and accounting.

“We believe that Rachel has the right mix of professional experience and a passion for public service that will help her excel serving our community,” said Mayor Greg Hansen. Moothart’s contract was approved by the City Council at their August 15th council meeting. Her first day is Sept. 2nd.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Moothart. “I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on behalf of the people of Ferndale.”

As finance director, she will be responsible for overseeing the finance department which develops the annual budget, manages the annual audit and investments, provides revenue and expenditure projections, maintains fiscal controls and oversees utility billing.

For more information about the Finance Department at the City of Ferndale, check out the city’s website here:

Ferndale Uses COVID Relief Funds to Jump Start Downtown

Mayor Greg Hansen with Ferndale’s Downtown

Ferndale Uses COVID Relief Funds to Jump Start Downtown

Thanks to an infusion of COVID relief funds, the City is launching a number of initiatives aimed at improving Ferndale’s downtown. Of the approximately $4.2 million the City is set to receive from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), here are some of the ways the City is using that money to support our downtown:

Main Street Program: The City has allocated $400,000 to establish a Main Street Program, complete with events, programing and a paid executive director, to pursue economic development for our downtown core. These seed funds would help the program get established however it is intended to be self-sustaining in the following years. Rather than relying on the previous volunteer efforts of the Ferndale Downtown Association, this program can promote redevelopment efforts, beautification and bring fresh economic activity to Ferndale’s downtown core.

In addition to this seed funding for the Main Street Program, the City has provided an additional $450,000 to the program, including $200,000 for grants or loans to incoming businesses that will support Downtown revitalization, $200,000 for grants or loans to existing businesses which seek to grow or change in a manner that supports revitalization or who undertake improvements to respond to COVID-19, and $50,000 for Downtown beautification efforts and/or matching funds for beautification efforts that the Program may wish to pursue.

Business Interruption Grants: The City has allocated $200,000 to the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce to distribute as business interruption grants for Ferndale businesses impacted by COVID-related closures. The city anticipates that a majority of the grants will be targeted at businesses with 20 or less employees.

Supporting the Community Resource Center: The City has allocated $400,000 to the Ferndale Community Service Cooperative to hire a full-time executive director and expand services to the city’s most vulnerable who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. This is also a seed money investment with the goal of the Cooperative becoming self-sustaining at the conclusion of this grant.

The Cooperative is currently working with our state legislators to secure additional funding for a community navigator position that would help those experiencing hardship navigate local resources and services.

All of these initiatives are supported by COVID relief funds and do not impact the City’s general fund.

“While all of these efforts are worthwhile on their own merits, taken together, they are an unprecedented investment in Ferndale’s future,” said Mayor Greg Hansen. “While the impacts of the pandemic are still being felt, the decisions we make today put us on the path to come roaring back.”


Video Message from Mayor Hansen

Ferndale Mayor Greg Hansen provides an update on the City’s actions and preparedness planning for the upcoming severe weather, comments on work and efforts the last couple of weeks after the recent flood, and provides suggestions for how you can best prepare yourselves and help your neighbors.


2021 Flood Event – Support and Resources



The Miracle Food Network is located at 5611 Third Avenue, Ferndale (in Pioneer Center) and will accept food donations, either fresh or shelf stable items, between 10am and 1pm Monday through Friday.



(360) 380-2200

The Ferndale Community Resource Center is coordinating volunteer efforts and donations right here in Ferndale. If you need help or can provide help, please visit their facebook page or call (360) 380-2200 and leave a message so they can connect you to the correct resource.  They will also be coordinating efforts with Samaratins Purse, a non-profit organization that may be able to assist in the cleanup of structures.


(360) 788-5311

The Whatcom County Division of Emergency Management is collecting contact information from those who need assistance and is also collecting information and reports of storm and flood damage. Please call (360) 788-5311 to report storm damage and be sure to leave your name, address and contact information, including phone number.  This information will be used to seek federal disaster relief funds and assistance.

FOR VOLUNTEERS: The Whatcom County Division of Emergency Management is accepting calls from volunteers who wish to aid in cleanup efforts. Please call them at (360) 676-6681 to offer your help. Callers should provide their names, contact information and capability for volunteer efforts (i.e. cleanup, carpenter, electrician, general all-around, etc.).



(360) 384-4006

If your structure has suffered damage and you are located within Ferndale City limits, please contact the City Community Development.  Director Michael Cerbone can assist you in determining permitting requirements can also assist in determining which permits be fast-tracked.  That telephone number is (360) 384-4006 or email him directly at



(360) 384-4006

Unsure who to turn to? Please feel free to call City Hall during normal business hours at (360) 384-4006, and we will do our best to assist you.


(360) 380-2200

The Ferndale Community Resource Center is coordinating volunteer efforts and donations right here in Ferndale. If you need help or can provide help, please visit their facebook page or call (360) 380-2200 and leave a message so they can connect you to the correct resource. 


(360) 788-5311

The Whatcom County Division of Emergency Management is collecting contact information from those who need assistance and is also collecting information and reports of storm and flood damage. Please call (360) 788-5311 to report storm damage and be sure to leave your name, address and contact information, including phone number.  This information will be used to seek federal disaster relief funds and assistance.

City Hall, Police Station Open for Regular Business Hours starting June 14th

Ferndale City Hall, Police Station Open for Regular Business Hours starting June 14th

With the installation of new COVID safety measures complete, the Ferndale City Hall and Police Station will be open to the public for full business hours, 8:30AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday, starting June 14th.

“We appreciate the public’s patience while we made the modifications necessary, and we are ready to once again assist our community in person,” said Mayor Greg Hansen. The reopening is well in advance of the statewide reopening, currently scheduled for June 30th for all public facilities.

City staff has continued to work throughout the pandemic, accessible via email, phone and video conferencing to meet the needs of the public. The city recently launched a new utility billing portal to allow for more transparency, allowing for even more remote access to city documents.

For more information about city facilities, please contact Communication Officer Riley Sweeney at 360-685-2353 or