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Out of an abundance of caution, the City of Ferndale is STRONGLY encouraging and requesting the voluntary evacuation of all residents and businesses in the area south of Main Street between 4th Avenue and the Nooksack River, effective immediately.  The Nooksack River has not yet reached its crest, and the potential exists for the river to breach the existing levee.  Residents and businesses are encouraged to secure and then evacuate their properties; the City will inform the public when it is safe to return.  All residents outside of the voluntary evacuation area are requested to avoid any unnecessary trips and to stay off the roadways, in order for emergency and first responders to effectively respond to the emergency.

Evacuees should exit to the north and Main Street to leave the area.  Temporary shelter is now available at the Ferndale High School cafeteria, which can be accessed off Golden Eagle Drive or Shuksan Drive from Vista Drive or Washington Street.  More to come on more shelter options as information becomes available.  For questions, please call Ferndale City Hall at (360) 384-4006.

Now Accepting Applications for City Council Vacancy

Front Row: Councilmembers Paul Shuey, Herb Porter, Kate Bishop and Ramon Llanos. Back Row: Councilmembers Ryan O’Larey, Erin Gunter, Mayor Greg Hansen and Councilmember Ali Hawkinson

Applications are now being accepted to fill a vacancy on the Ferndale City Council due to the resignation of Councilmember Ramon Llanos.

The vacant seat will be on the November 2021 ballot as a new 4-year term; therefore, the appointed Councilmember will serve only until the November 2021 election is certified, at which point the candidate who prevails in the election will take office and serve for the rest of 2021.

Applicants should plan to attend the January 4, 2021 regular City Council meeting, during which they will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and be briefly interviewed by current Councilmembers. The selected applicant will be sworn in that evening and will begin to serve immediately. For instructions and an application packet, please click here. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. Monday, December 7.

Ferndale Police Seek Information on Bank Robbery Suspect

Ferndale Police Seek Information on Bank Robbery Suspect

On Tuesday, 01/24/2023, at about 4:35 pm, Ferndale Police were dispatched to Banner Bank, which is located within Haggen Grocery, for a bank robbery.  Officers responded and with the assistance of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office and the Bellingham Police Department, the area was searched. However, the suspect was not located.

The suspect is described as a white male, about 5’-9” tall with a regular build.  He was wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, a black face covering, blue latex type gloves, faded baggie blue jeans and white shoes.

The suspect demanded money and fled the building on foot after obtaining cash.  The total financial loss is under investigation.  The suspect did not display or imply that he was armed with a weapon.  There is no cause to believe that there is a threat to public safety at this time.

The Ferndale Police Department is asking for public assistance in this case.  If you were near the entrance or checkout area or around the parking lot of Haggen Grocery during this time and saw the suspect entering or exiting the business, or if you have any additional information regarding this case, please contact Detective Grant at 360-483-5739 or

Remembering and Honoring the Point Elliott Treaty

“On Jan. 22nd, 168 years ago, the United States and the Lummi Nation, two sovereign nations, wrote and signed an enduring document outlining how their respective peoples would share the land and resources of this region. That document was the Point Elliott Treaty.
You cannot understand the complexities of the present without an honest look at the past. We urge everyone to take a moment and learn about the Point Elliott Treaty, the history of the Coast Salish peoples who have lived here from Time Immemorial, and our shared heritage together.” – Mayor Greg Hansen
This video, produced by the Children of the Setting Sun Productions, is a great place to start:

Now Hiring – Part Time Parks Laborer

The City is now hiring a Part-Time Parks Laborer.

The Part-Time Parks Laborer applies knowledge and skills to perform regular and recurring maintenance, installation, and repair work of city parks, using any of the equipment authorized and available.

This is a part-time, year-round position. The position is a 16-hour per week position, not to exceed 79 hours per month. The workweek consists of four (4) days on and four (4) days off, on a rotating basis. Shifts are four (4) hours each, with variable start and finish times, depending on parks events/activities.

For a complete job description and application instructions, click here.

Notice of Potential Quorum

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (RCW 42.30), notice is hereby given that a quorum of Ferndale City Councilmembers may be in attendance at the following event:

State Auditor’s Entrance Conference

Wednesday, March 25, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Ferndale City Hall, 2095 Main Street

The purpose of this meeting is to allow state auditors to discuss the scope and objectives of the Financial and Accountability Audit of the City of Ferndale for the fiscal years 2020 – 2021. This is an open public meeting as outlined by the Open Public Meetings Act, and members of the public are invited to attend and observe.

City Offices Closed Monday, Jan. 16th in honor of MLK, Jr

City offices will be closed on Monday, January 16th in recognition of his life’s work to challenge violence and bigotry with grace and goodness.
As always, to reach emergency services, please dial 911. City Hall will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, Jan. 17th, and our city council meeting will be held that evening at 5PM at the City Annex.

Mayoral Proclamation for January 13th, 2023 as Korean American Day

Mayoral Proclamation for January 13th, 2023

WHEREAS, The City of Ferndale celebrates the contributions of Korean Americans to our nation, region, City and surrounding community, reaffirming our commitment to advance racial equity and representation of Korean Americans;

WHEREAS, January 13, 1903 commemorates and recognizes the first courageous Korean immigrants that arrived in Hawaii, initiating the first large wave of Korean immigration to the United States. These immigrants and their descendants planted roots and have continued to thrive in the United States through hard work, strong families, and community support;

WHEREAS, Achievements and contributions of Korean Americans, including recent immigrants, can be seen in economic strength, cultural diversity, and in all facets of American life including politics, industry, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, arts, education, and in various branches of the United States Armed Forces;

WHEREAS, 2023 will mark the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Mutual Defense Treaty between United States and the Republic of Korea in 1953;WHEREAS, Korean Americans have built and strengthened the Alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea, fostering peace on the Korean Peninsula and promoting trade alliances as a crucial trading partner of Washington State;

WHEREAS, Washington State has the sixth highest concentration of Korean Americans in the country, and the United States is home to the largest Korean diaspora community in the world;

WHEREAS, the official recognition of Korean American Day is a significant way that we can celebrate the invaluable contributions of our Korean American community, and work in creating a culture of belonging and a more equitable and socially just City;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, I, Greg Hansen, Mayor of the City of Ferndale, do hereby proclaim

January 13th 2023 to be Korean American Day in the City of Ferndale. 

So, you want to build an ADU— What is it and what is the process?

So, you want to build an ADU— What is it and what is the process?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as an existing single-family home and subordinate to a single-family dwelling unit. An ADU has all the basic facilities needed for day-to-day living independent of the main home, such as a kitchen, sleeping area, and a bathroom.

ADUs can expand the range of housing choices for residents in the city, as well as helping residents age in place, adding space to house extended family, offering an avenue for rental income, and more. Developing an ADU can seem daunting, but you are not alone. We have outlined the process in four easy steps below.

Step 1: Check the map.                                                                       
ADUs are permitted in all residential single-family zones (Ferndale Municipal Code 18:33— RS low, RS medium, and RS high). These zones are highlighted on the City GIS maps ( in three shades of yellow on the “Official Zoning” layer.

Step 2: Check the code.

Ferndale Municipal Code 18.34 outlines a number of criteria for the construction of an ADU. Each must be met before an ADU
application is approved. Most importantly:

  • Only one ADU is allowed per lot as an accessory use to a single-family home.
  • The ADU maximum size shall be no more than 50 percent of the square footage of the existing residence or 800 square feet, whichever is less.
  • The ADU may not be segregated in ownership from the principal dwelling unit.

Step 3: Apply for a permit.
Before any construction can commence, the property owner must obtain a building permit and indicate on the application form that the use is an ADU. All the City’s permits are applied for online through the permit portal, which is available on the city

How much does it cost? The final permit cost will depend on the size of the ADU and the total project valuation. Typically, an ADU permit is $5,000-$8,000 including relevant impact fees.

Step 4: Build it and Enjoy!
For more information about the ADU process, and online application forms, please visit the city website at or contact the Community Development Department at 360-685-2379.


Ferndale Paper Airplane Derby Set for Feb. 4th, 10AM-1PM

Ferndale Paper Airplane Derby Set for Feb. 4th, 10AM-1PM

Join the City for the first parks event of 2023, a free paper airplane derby on Saturday, Feb. 4th from 10AM-1PM at the Pioneer Pavilion (2007 Cherry St).

There will be materials and instructions to make several different designs of paper airplanes (everything from the jumbo glider to a paper airplane TIE fighter) and then participants can compete for distance and accuracy or even fly their plane in our make-shift wind tunnel.

Come out for this perfect rainy Saturday activity. Snacks included, all ages and abilities welcome.

For more information, please contact Recreation Coordinator Riley Sweeney at or (360) 685-2353.