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Traffic Impacts on Main Street for Bridge Inspection April 27th

Washington State Department of Transportation will be conducting their annual inspection of Pioneer Bridge (the Main Street bridge over the Nooksack River) Thursday, April 27th, starting at 9:00am and should be completed by 3pm.

During this work, traffic will be reduced to alternating, single lane traffic over the bridge. Public Works crew will be directing vehicles through the area.

Drivers are urged to obey all traffic direction and utilize alternate routes if possible, such as Second Avenue/Portal Way or Slater Road. For more information, please contact Ferndale Public Works at (360) 384-4006.

Youth Art Installation Downtown- Decorate the garbage cans

Youth Art Installation Downtown- Decorate the garbage cans

Are you high school age or younger?  We want you to participate!

The Ferndale Arts Commission, in conjunction with the Ferndale Downtown Association are soliciting for youth art with the theme, “What Does Ferndale Mean to You?” or a Pacific Northwest aesthetic.

36 designs will be chosen to be printed and installed on the side of the garbage cans throughout Downtown Ferndale.

There are several ways to participate:

1) In-person art event! 4/29 1pm-3pm, at the Pioneer Pavilion

Supplies will be provided. Just show up and create!

2) Can’t make it to the event? Templates can be picked up from the Ferndale library, 4/15-5/12

3) Want to create digital art? Email and request a digital template

Completed pieces need to be turned in to City Hall by May 15th. Juried selection will happen the last week of May, and selected artists will be notified. Please put your name, age, and contact information (or parent’s contact info) on the back of your piece.

Even if your piece isn’t chosen to be printed, it will be on display downtown this summer. The Ferndale Downtown Association will be coordinating with local businesses to display submissions.

We look forward to seeing your amazing creations and excited for community youth art on display Downtown!

Construction Closes Thornton Street between Malloy and Vista Starting in April

Construction activities are set to begin in early April that will close Thornton Street between Malloy and Vista. This closure is expected to last until the anticipated fall 2023 completion. A $4M federal grant, as well as City utility funds, will be used to replace the aging infrastructure, some of which is as old as 40 years.

Once finished, there will be two travel lanes with a new roadway surface including shoulders, curb, and gutter. Also, to enhance pedestrian safety, sidewalks will be installed on both sides of the street, along with speed tables, a vehicle activated speed sign, and a flashing pedestrian crossing beacon.

A road closure is necessary and will remain in place for the duration of the project, not only for the safety of those on site, but for our community. A detour route is available for vehicles (see graphic below) and a pedestrian route will be available through the closure area.

For your safety and the safety of the contractors, please follow all traffic closure signs, be mindful of personnel on site, and use alternative routes when possible. Thank you for your patience!

More information about this project available at:

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact the Ferndale Public Works Department at 360-384-4006.

Request for Qualifications for Sewer Pump Station #16



The City of Ferndale is seeking qualification statements from Professional Design Engineering firms for upgrading Sewer Pump Station #16.

The City is seeking an Engineering firm to provide design-engineering and construction-engineering services for upgrading Sewer Pump Station #16, including the creation of plans, specifications, estimates and ancillary services.

Interested parties are responsible for monitoring the City’s website for information concerning the RFQ and any addenda issued.

Interested firms shall submit a Statement of Qualifications that contains the following:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Approach and Understanding
  3. Project Organization
  4. Schedule
  5. Management Control Program
  6. Experience and References
  7. Familiarity with City Infrastructure and Operations
  8. Proximity of Project Office and Project Manager
  9. Resumes

The Statement of Qualifications submittal shall be a maximum of 10 double-sided pages. One original, four copies, and one USB thumb drive with a PDF copy shall be submitted.

This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) consists of the following parts:

  • Submittal Delivery Instructions
  • Background
  • Submittal Requirements
  • Selection Criteria



All responses shall be made in writing.  Responses by FAX will not be accepted. Sealed responses will be received by the Public Works Department of the City of Ferndale, Washington up to the hour of 4:00 p.m., March 22, 2023. The Statement of Qualification submittal shall be a maximum of 15 double-sided pages (i.e., 30 pages). One original, four copies, and one USB thumb drive with a PDF copy shall be submitted. Responses delivered later will not be accepted.  The City of Ferndale is not responsible for delays in delivery.


All responses to this request shall be mailed through the United States Postal Service and shall be addressed to the Public Works Department, City of Ferndale, P.O. Box 936, Ferndale, WA 98248. Hand-delivered responses will not be accepted. The United States Postal Service will NOT deliver to the street address.  All responses shall be placed in a sealed envelope, which is clearly marked “SEWER PUMP STATION #16 RFQ, CITY OF FERNDALE.


The City of Ferndale reserves the sole right to terminate this process, to not award a contract, and to cancel or modify this solicitation process at any time.  In no event will the City or any of their respective agents, representatives, consultants, directors, officers, or employees be liable for, or otherwise obligated to reimburse, the costs incurred in preparation of this RFQ, or any related costs.  The prospective consultant teams shall wholly absorb all costs incurred in the preparation and presentation of the submittals. The RFQ Submittals will become the property of the City of Ferndale.


The City of Ferndale is committed to providing equal opportunities to State of Washington certified Minority, Disadvantaged and Women’s Business Enterprises in contracting activities. (Section 4 of Chapter 56, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess. State of Washington.).

All questions regarding the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall be directed to Mike Olinger via email at The City will not accept any other inquiries.

Project Background

This project is listed in the City of Ferndale Sewer Comprehensive Plan. The project includes increasing the duplex submersible pump station flow capacity from about 400 GPM to about 1300 GPM, adding a generator, and upgrading electrical/controls. The pump station is located on Portal Way 0.2 miles north of the I-5 underpass. Installation will be in City of Ferndale public right-of-way. The existing 10-inch force main will not be upgraded.

Submittal Requirements

This part of the RFQ describes the format and content of each section of the submittal.


Introductory Letter – The proposer may use this section to introduce the RFQ submittal and/or to summarize the key provisions of the submittal. The introductory letter shall include, but need not be limited to, the following information: The name of the firm, as well as, the signature, printed name and title, telephone, and email of the officer authorized to represent the firm in any correspondence, negotiations and sign any contract that may result. The address and office that will be providing the service, a project manager’s name, telephone, and email address. The federal tax ID numbers, and state of incorporation, if applicable, must also be included.


Approach and Understanding – Provide a detailed description of the project understanding and technical approach for completing the project and any suggested revisions. Include any issues that your firm believes will require special consideration.


Project Organization – List contact information for the lead firm and all sub-consultants to be engaged for the project; organization chart; brief description of responsibilities and qualifications for key personnel that emphasize experience directly relevant to the project.  Key personnel include the project manager, project engineer, geotechnical engineer, construction manager, and QA/QC team. List hours per average week each key personnel will work on the project.


Schedule – Provide a work schedule for the design phase. Consultant shall assume a minimum of two (2) weeks for all City of Ferndale review periods.


Management Control Program – Describe the project management approach; cost control system used to track expenses and labor; method for project status reporting; and schedule control system.  Describe the project review and QA/QC program.


Experience and References – Provide descriptions of projects performed by the individuals listed under Project Organization. Projects must be similar in scope to the City’s project.  Consultant experience that does not include the individuals listed under Project Organization will not be considered. Provide references for each of the listed projects.


Familiarity with City Infrastructure and Operations – Describe key personnel’s familiarity with City of Ferndale sewer infrastructure and operations.


Proximity of Project Office and Project Manager – Describe proximity of Consultant’s Project Office and Project Manager to Ferndale


Resumes – Provide a resume for all key personnel listed under Project Organization.


Selection Criteria


A technical review panel composed of City staff and/or others will evaluate and rate each proposal based on the following items:


  • Introductory Letter
  • Approach and Understanding (30 points)
  • Schedule (10 points)
  • Management Control Program (10 points)
  • Experience and References (30 points)
  • Familiarity with City Infrastructure and Operations (10 points)
  • Proximity of Project Office and Project Manager (10 points)
  • Interview/Oral Presentation if requested (30 points)


The City of Ferndale may hold interviews with a short list of Consultants prior to final selection. The highest rated consultant will be invited to submit a scope of services and cost proposal.  The Public Works Director will negotiate the final scope and cost of services with the selected Consultant. If the City and selected Consultant are unable to agree promptly on final terms and conditions, the City reserves the right to select the next highest rated Consultant.

Ferndale Offers Free Metallica-inspired T-Shirt to Encourage ADU Construction

Community Development Director Michael Cerbone, Mayor Greg Hansen, Associate Planner Jesse Ashbaugh and Planning Coordinator Patti Gearhart


Ferndale Offers Free Metallica-inspired T-Shirt to Encourage ADU Construction

Residents who construct an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Ferndale this year can receive a free Metallica-themed shirt courtesy of the City. The first ten property owners who complete an ADU on their property, either attached or detached, receive the shirt, inspired by the Metallica album “And Justice for All” but repurposed to say, “And Housing for All!”

“Building an ADU is great for Ferndale,” said Mayor Greg Hansen, “it adds to our housing supply, provides opportunities for rentals or aging in place, and utilizes existing city infrastructure.”

An accessory dwelling unit is a small, self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as an existing single-family home. An ADU has all the basic facilities needed for day-to-day living independent of the main home, such as a kitchen, sleeping area, and a bathroom.

“Adding an ADU adds value to your property and provides vital housing choices for families, property owners and new residents,” said Community Development Director Michael Cerbone. “So if you are thinking about ADUs, come talk to our permit desk. We are excited to work with you.”

“We understand that offering a free shirt is not going to be the tipping point for anyone deciding to invest in an ADU,” said Hansen, “But it sends a message that Ferndale is enthusiastic about working with our residents to tackle affordable housing, one ADU at a time.”

For more information on building an ADU in Ferndale, check out

T-shirt design


Call for Bids on Stormwater Decant Facility



Project Name:                                             FERNDALE STORMWATER DECANT FACILITY

City Project:                                                     SW2018-01

Bid Date:                                                       March 3, 2023 – 1:30 PM

Pre-Bid Meeting:                                       February 15, 2023 – 1:00 PM

Engineer:                                                       Gray and Osborne, Inc., Seattle, WA

Engineer’s Estimate:                                $2,850,000


Sealed Proposals will be received by the undersigned at the City of Ferndale, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, Washington 98248, up to 1:30 p.m.; local time on Friday, March 3, 2023, for furnishing the necessary labor, materials, equipment, tools, and guarantees thereof to construct the Decant Facility.  All bid envelopes must be plainly marked on the outside, “Sealed Bid, Decant Facility Project.”  Sealed bids shall be received by one of the following delivery methods up to March 3, 2023, at 1:30 p.m. Any bids received after the due date and time will not be considered.

Hand Delivered:  Bids delivered in person shall be received only at the office of Public Works, 2nd floor, City Hall, City of Ferndale, Reception Desk, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, Washington 98248.

Via Mail:  Bids shall be mailed to the City of Ferndale, Attn: SEALED BID – Decant Facility, Public Works, City of Ferndale, P.O. Box 936, Ferndale, Washington 98248.

The work involves the installation of a covered stormwater decant facility approximately 6,100 square feet in size.  In addition, the work includes installation of approximately 45 linear feet of 6-inch PVC sewer pipe, an oil/water separator, connection to the existing sanitary sewer system, a settling vault, roof infiltration trenches, surface restoration, and electrical.

The Work shall be physically complete within 120 working days after the commencement date stated in the Notice to Proceed.  All bidding and construction is to be performed in compliance with the Contract Provisions and Contract Plans for this project and any addenda issued thereto that are on file at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, Ferndale, Washington.

The Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud shortly after the time and date stated above.  Proposals are to be submitted only on the form provided with the Bid Documents.  All Proposals must be accompanied by a certified check, postal money order, cashiers check, or Proposal bond payable to the “City of Ferndale” and in an amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the total Proposal amount.

Bid Documents for this project are available free-of-charge at the following website:  “”.  Bidders are encouraged to “Register” in order to receive automatic email notification of future addenda and to be placed on the “Bidders List”.  For assistance, please call (206) 284-0860.  Contract questions shall be directed only to the office of the Project Engineer.

It is anticipated that this project will be funded in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology.  Neither the State of Washington nor any of its departments or employees are, or shall be, a party to this contract or any subcontract resulting from this solicitation for bids.

A Prebid Conference is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 2023.  The conference will begin at the City of Ferndale City Hall, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, Washington at 1:00 p.m. (local time) and then will relocate to the project site.  Prospective bidders are encouraged to participate.  Any other site visits shall be limited to 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and shall be coordinated through Mr. Paul Knippel, of the City of Ferndale, by calling (360) 685-2357, at least 24 hours in advance of the visit.  No unauthorized visits or unscheduled visits will be allowed.

Financing of the Project has been provided by City of Ferndale, Washington and Washington State Department of Ecology.  The City of Ferndale expressly reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to waive minor irregularities or informalities and to Award the Project to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder as it best serves the interests of the City.

All bidders must be licensed contractors registered in the State of Washington. In addition, the Contractor will need a City of Ferndale business license before starting work. All work performed on this project will be subject to prevailing state wage rates. The City of Ferndale is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

2023 Stormwater Management Plan Update

Each year, the City of Ferndale updates the Stormwater Management Program Plan as a response to specific special conditions within the “Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit” that authorizes the City of Ferndale to discharge stormwater.

Per the Permit, this program summary will be updated each year and will be available to the public. Participation and comments are welcome and may be directed to City of Ferndale Stormwater staff Comment period begins February 1, 2023 and ends March 3, 2023.

The draft plan can be found by clicking here or on our “Stormwater Planning” page.

Knitting Tree Sweaters with the Arts Commission, Sat. Feb. 4th at 2PM

Join the Ferndale Arts Commission and knitting instructor Bryna as they meet at Fringe Brewing (5640 3rd Ave) from 2PM-4PM to continue work on the tree sweaters that will be installed this Spring at Griffintown Park.
Bring your knitting projects and get your questions answered. More yarn and needles available – all abilities and skill levels welcome.
More details available at For more information, contact Communication Officer Riley Sweeney at 360-685-2353 or

Ferndale Paper Airplane Derby Set for Feb. 4th, 10AM-1PM

Ferndale Paper Airplane Derby Set for Feb. 4th, 10AM-1PM

Join the City for the first parks event of 2023, a free paper airplane derby on Saturday, Feb. 4th from 10AM-1PM at the Pioneer Pavilion (2007 Cherry St).

There will be materials and instructions to make several different designs of paper airplanes (everything from the jumbo glider to a paper airplane TIE fighter) and then participants can compete for distance and accuracy or even fly their plane in our make-shift wind tunnel.

Come out for this perfect rainy Saturday activity. Snacks included, all ages and abilities welcome.

For more information, please contact Recreation Coordinator Riley Sweeney at or (360) 685-2353.

Ferndale Police Seek Information on Bank Robbery Suspect

Ferndale Police Seek Information on Bank Robbery Suspect

On Tuesday, 01/24/2023, at about 4:35 pm, Ferndale Police were dispatched to Banner Bank, which is located within Haggen Grocery, for a bank robbery.  Officers responded and with the assistance of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office and the Bellingham Police Department, the area was searched. However, the suspect was not located.

The suspect is described as a white male, about 5’-9” tall with a regular build.  He was wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, a black face covering, blue latex type gloves, faded baggie blue jeans and white shoes.

The suspect demanded money and fled the building on foot after obtaining cash.  The total financial loss is under investigation.  The suspect did not display or imply that he was armed with a weapon.  There is no cause to believe that there is a threat to public safety at this time.

The Ferndale Police Department is asking for public assistance in this case.  If you were near the entrance or checkout area or around the parking lot of Haggen Grocery during this time and saw the suspect entering or exiting the business, or if you have any additional information regarding this case, please contact Detective Grant at 360-483-5739 or