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Ferndale Streets to be Painted Sat. Aug 26th and Sept. 9th

City of Ferndale will be painting traffic lanes in the Ferndale area Saturday, August 26th and Saturday, Sept 9th weather permitting. Signs and cones will be utilized to keep drivers out of the wet paint and No Parking signs will be going up in various locations in order to maintain access to paint areas. Please follow directions and do not park in places identified for painting by the signage.

The fresh coats of paint that crews apply during spring, summer and fall months will make it easier for drivers to see the road when the winter rains return.

What can drivers do to avoid the wet paint?

Drivers can protect their car from damage by keeping an eye out for striping crews and avoiding lane changes on freshly painted lines.

  • Watch for “wet paint” warning signs and warning trucks, and avoid following too closely.
  • Avoid crossing or driving on freshly painted lines.
  • Do not go around cones or weave in and out of your lane of travel.

What can I do if I get striping paint on my vehicle?

The paint is engineered to last however, it is water-based, drivers may have about one hour to wash it off with soap, water and a high-pressure hose. The sooner it is scrubbed, the easier it will be to remove.

For more information, call Ferndale Public Works at 360-384-4006.

New Orca Mural Completed in Downtown Ferndale

New Orca Mural Completed in Downtown Ferndale

In early 2023, Kevin Lee commissioned artist Káa Sháyee to paint a mural on his Ferndale location car wash. Kevin has owned Kevin’s Car Wash for nine years which is located in Ferndale by the Nooksack river bridge on Main Street. The Ferndale Arts Commission administered the mural project as part of the Downtown Mural Project and both the Arts Commission and Lee contributed funds to the project.

The 43′ wide mural is titled “Ancestral Spirits” and depicts an orca whale and eagle in Tlingit formline style design. Both Káa Sháyee and Lee are enrolled Tlingit Alaska natives. Káa Sháyee originates from Ketchikan, Alaska, and Lee is from Sitka, Alaska. The mural was completed in early July. Káa Sháyee hopes to collaborate with other local Native artists to do additional mural work in the surrounding area.

Lee is currently doing a facelift on this location, including fresh paint, new signage, and additional lighting. Another mural will be added on the opposite end of the building later this summer.


Arts Commission and Downtown Association Partner to Install Youth Art Throughout Downtown

Arts Commission and Downtown Association Partner to Install Youth Art Throughout Downtown

Earlier this month, volunteers with the Arts Commission installed thirty-eight pieces of art designed by Ferndale’s youth onto nineteen garbage bins throughout downtown Ferndale. After months of soliciting original art and hosting an in-person event, the final selections were printed and installed. Funding for the project was provided by the Ferndale Downtown Association.

“This project beautifies downtown, engages with local artists and saves taxpayer dollars by refreshing old garbage cans rather than replacing them,” said Art Commission chair Rebecca Xczar.

Artists were asked to consider “What Does Ferndale Mean to You?” or to utilize a Pacific Northwest Aesthetic. Over 100 designs were received as part of the project.

A complete map of art locations can be found by clicking here. Entrees that were submitted but not chosen are currently being displayed at downtown businesses including the former Lyndale Glass location, Subway, Barb’s Pie and Pastries, Sabor Latino and Uncle Jesse’s Pottery.


Fireworks Dos and Don’ts in the City of Ferndale

Fireworks Dos and Don’ts in the City of Ferndale

As we approach Independence Day, it is important for everyone to celebrate in a safe and legal way.

Please remember the only legal times to shoot off fireworks in the city are on July 4th from 9am to midnight.

Here is a graphic showing what fireworks are legal and which ones are not but a good rule of thumb is that if you can buy them at the stand at the grocery store, you can shoot them off. Many that come from the reservation, such as bottle rockets and firecrackers are not legal for use in the City.

Thank you and remember to stay safe this July 4th!

City offices will be closed Monday, June 19th for Juneteenth

City offices will be closed Monday, June 19th for Juneteenth, a federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States.
If you want to learn more about historically marginalized communities here in Ferndale, Connect Ferndale is hosting a free History Walk.
Learn about the unique and untold history of our City highlighting the contributions of some of our underrepresented communities. It will start at Noon on Sunday, June 25th at the Pioneer Pavilion. More details available here:

Ferndale Police Seek Public’s Help in Rock Throwing Cases


Ferndale Police Seek Public’s Help in Rock Throwing Cases

The Ferndale Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying possible subjects in multiple malicious mischief investigations where rocks are being thrown, which has caused significant damage to windows and other property.

As of 5/11/2023, there have been fifteen incidents reported to the Ferndale Police Department resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

It is believed that there are two or more suspects involved.  Most incidents have occurred along the side streets of Thornton Street and Malloy Avenue during the hours of darkness between 1:00 am and 4:00 am.

The Ferndale Police Department is asking the public to contact 911 if you see anyone suspicious in these areas during the hours of darkness.  Furthermore, if you have any information regarding these cases, please contact Corporal Josh Scott at 360-483-5735 or

Arts Commission Brings New Sculpture to Griffintown Park

Arts Commission Brings New Sculpture to Griffintown Park

Yesterday, the Ferndale Public Works crew installed the newest piece of Ferndale art in Griffintown Park (5786 Second Avenue) down near Edaleen Dairy. Standing fourteen feet tall, this piece is designed by local artist and former Bellingham Technical College welding instructor Don Anderson. His pieces, which have previously been displayed in Ferndale, are nature-inspired abstract metal sculptures. This piece, originally titled “New Hope”, was offered to the City at half price by the artist and fits with the art and other installations at Griffintown Park. The sculpture cost the City $10,000 and was already included as part of the Arts Commission’s annual budget.

“I’m grateful to see the work of the Arts Commission continue to serve and enrich our community so thoughtfully, and excited to see this sculpture contribute to the artistic landscape of our city,” said City Councilmember and liaison to the Arts Commission Ali Hawkinson.

The Ferndale Arts Commission hosts dozens of free community arts events, and brings murals, sculptures and music to Ferndale. To learn more about bringing art to Ferndale, the public is invited to join the Ferndale Arts Commission, which meets on the second Wednesday of every month at City Hall at 5PM. More information about the commission is available here.

Mandatory Watering Restrictions In Effect June 1st through September 15th

Mandatory Watering Restrictions in Effect June 1st through September 15th

The City of Ferndale has implemented mandatory watering restrictions effective June 1st through September 15th. Residents with odd numbered street addresses are mandated to water only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Residents with even numbered street addresses water only Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mondays are non-watering days to allow the City’s reservoirs to recharge after the weekend.

The mandatory watering restrictions do not apply to the following situations:

  • Drip irrigation systems or handheld watering
  • Watering of flower and/or vegetable gardens
  • Watering of outdoor potted plants and hanging baskets
  • Watering of newly planted lawns/landscaping

Following these restrictions will help residents save money on their utility bill, reduce the impact on the environment and help ensure the City’s utility system runs strong throughout the hot season.

For more tips on how to conserve water this summer, check out Five Ways to Save Water This Summer. For questions and more information, contact the City at 360-384-4302.