First Avenue Pedestrian Improvement Project

In 2017, the City determined that the signal at First and Main was not warranted, and removing it would improve traffic flow through our downtown core. The signal was removed; however, there were lingering pedestrian visibility and safety concerns for those wishing to cross Main Street.

To address these, the City will be removing the easternmost crosswalk across Main Street and enhancing the other crossing by installing a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (pictured above) on the west side of First Avenue. Signage will be installed and fresh striping added to aid pedestrian safety.

Construction to reconfigure the intersection and add new striping is anticipated to occur starting in July 2019.  The City is partnering with Puget Sound Energy to replace the existing luminaire poles with a combined streetlight and RRFB system.  Delivery and installation of the RRFB and streetlight will occur sometime after the intersection work is complete.

News & Information

Bid Process

Note to bidders: If you download plans and specifications from this website, please email to be added to the planholders’ list.

File Size note: Plans and specifications are very large. Save a copy to your computer by right clicking the file and choose “Save As.”

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