Shop Well #2 – Wellhouse Project

The Shop Well #2 – Wellhouse Project, to be completed in 2020, is intended to provide the City with an additional 300 to 800 gpm water supply source. This project includes construction of a new CMU block wellhouse building (12’-8” x 22’ x 12’ tall) with metal roof, similar to City’s existing Shop Well #1 Wellhouse Building. Project also includes completion of well base structure, piping, valves, 30-HP submersible well pump, electrical, controls, instrumentation, programming, and configuration for a future permanent 200-HP submersible well pump. In addition, work will include a concrete retaining wall structure, site grading/drainage improvements, asphalt pavement surfacing, fence/gate improvements, new backup generator, new primary power feed and transformer on east side of Shop site, and other miscellaneous work items.

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Note to bidders:  Bids will only be accepted from Bidders who are listed on the plan holder list.  If you download plans and specifications from this website, please email to be added to the plan holder list. Please call Wilson Engineering at (360) 733-6100 with questions regarding plan downloads.

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