Cherry Street, First to Third Avenues Sidewalk Project

The City of Ferndale is excited to announce the upcoming construction of the Cherry Street, First to Third Avenues Sidewalk Project!

sidewalk-current-stateThis project will eliminate an important existing sidewalk segment gap and provide pedestrians a safe and direct route to the neighboring facilities. Currently this route forces pedestrians to use the road shoulder or lane of travel which creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers. This route is an important connector for pedestrian access to facilities such as Central Elementary School, Pioneer Shopping Center, Boys & Girls Club, Pioneer Park, Pioneer Pavilion Community Center, Senior Center, Star Park, and the adjacent multi-family and neighboring housing.  Not only will this new sidewalk improve the safety of the pedestrians who currently use this route, but will hopefully promote walking and encourage the surrounding community to choose walking as a safe and convenient future mode of transportation.

sidewalk-current-state2The construction of this project will include installing the new sidewalk to meet the current ADA Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards, replacing all of the non-ADA compliant ramps, and a pedestrian-activated flashing crosswalk beacon.

This project is possible thanks to a $100,600 grant award from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s Urban Sidewalk Program, as well as funds being contributed from the City’s Transportation Benefit District. Construction is anticipated to occur in 2018, and the City is currently in the design phase of this project.

This project will be jointly bid with the Pioneer Park Pathways Project. Bid documents for both projects are available below and on the Pioneer Park Pathways Project page.

News & Information

Bid Process

Note to bidders: If you download plans and specifications from this website, please email to be added to the planholders’ list.

File Size note: Plans and specifications are very large. Save a copy to your computer by right clicking the file and choose “Save As.”

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