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Upcoming Events

  • Jun 20

    Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board Meeting

    The Parks, Recreation & Trails Advisory Board assess the community’s park and recreational facilities, programs, needs and costs, makes recommendations to the City Council for the care, management, supervision, improvement and budgeting for City parks and recreational facilities and provides recommendations related to the updating of the City’s Parks Master Plan. The Board meets at […]

  • Jun 22

    Yoga in the Park

    Stretch, breathe and recenter yourself with a morning of low-impact Yoga in Pioneer Park. Join us at 10:30am for a free session of Yoga in the morning sun. Please bring your own Yoga mat; instruction and music will be provided by Flow Motion. This event is part of our 2019 “Summer of Fun”. You can […]

  • Jun 26

    City Council Committee Meeting

    The City Council meets on the Wednesday before each City Council meeting from 8am-11am in the City Hall conference room at 2095 Main Street. These meetings are to review materials and either forward items on to the full council or send them back to staff for further work. The public is welcome and invited to attend, please […]

  • Jun 29

    Science Adventure Day

    Join us for a morning of interactive science adventure experiments, courtesy of Science Tellers. Come on down to the Pioneer Pavilion (2007 Cherry St.) on Sat. June 29th at 11am for an action-packed and educational alien adventure using science experiments for special effects. It’s totally out of this world! This event is part of our […]

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