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         City Council Agenda Follow-Up October 7, 2019  
APPROVAL OF AGENDA Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Jensen seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. MOTION CARRIED 7-0. APPROVED
CONSENT AGENDA Councilmember Hansen moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the consent agenda. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.    APPROVED
FCS GROUP PRESENTATION: Cost of Service   Martin Chaw of FCS Group presented the results of the water/wastewater rate study regarding the cost of service, and answered Councilmembers’ and audience members’ questions. INFO ONLY  
COUNCIL SELECTION OF THREE CATALYST REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS In March of 2019, the City Council approved the adoption of the Downtown Catalyst Incentive program. The program was initiated in order to allow a waiver of City fees for up to three developments that meet the size, use, and catalyst scoring criteria. The goal of the program is to create conditions that foster the mixed-use redevelopment of the Downtown core as envisioned by the City’s Comprehensive Plan.   The City has received four Catalyst Project development applications, and staff is currently conducting a technical review of the applications in order to verify the proposals meet development regulations and comply with catalyst incentive criteria listed in FMC 18.48.020. Following the technical review, staff will forward the application materials accompanied by a staff report and recommendation to the Catalyst Committee for review.   The three projects with the highest scores above 190 combined points shall be forwarded to the  City Council for final consideration. The Council shall review the scores of the Review Committee and shall be authorized to allow members of the public, staff, and the applicant to speak on the subject. Th City Council shall then be authorized to approve or deny the recommendations of the Committee. Those applications that are approved will be invited to enter into a catalyst development agreement as described in FMC 18.48.080(A).   The Catalyst Review Committee is required to consist of five members, including one Planning Commission member, one EAGLE Board member, and three Councilmembers. Mayor Mutchler appointed Greg Crim from the Planning Commission and Sean Hegstad from the EAGLE Board. Planning & Land Use Committee members recommended a full-Council discussion for the selection and appointment of three Councilmembers to serve on the Catalyst Review Committee. Councilmember Jensen moved, and Councilmember Bersch seconded, to approve the appointments of Councilmembers Xczar, Hansen, and Taylor to the Catalyst Review Committee. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.                           APPROVED
DISCUSSION: Ethics Complaint/Council Recommendation In August of 2019, two ethics complaints were filed against Mayor Mutchler by Councilmember Olson.   Attorney Scott Snyder of Ogden, Murphy & Wallace conducted the investigation of the two complaints filed against Mayor Mutchler. He concluded that the complaint regarding an attempt to interfere in a police investigation was unfounded; however, there was a technical violation regarding the political signs complaint. Per the Council Rules of Procedure/Ethics Handbook, if review of a complaint shows that there is a violation of the Ethics Handbook, the matter must be referred to a three-person Council Ad-Hoc Committee. The Ad-Hoc Committee’s task is to review the attorney’s report and forward a recommendation to the full Council.   A special meeting was held on Wednesday, October 2, in order to form the ad-hoc committee. At that meeting, it was determined that, due to several conflicts of interest, it was not possible to select a three-person committee. Therefore, according to the Council Rules of Procedure/Ethics Handbook, the review of the attorney’s findings and any recommended action is to be conducted by the full Council.   In accordance with State law, the review and discussion of such complaint may, at the request of the accused, be held in Executive Session. Any final action must take place in open session. Mayor Mutchler did not request an Executive Session; therefore the review, discussion, and recommendation by Council will be held in open session. Councilmember Olson moved to create an admonishment and clarify that no political signs are allowed in any City parking lot. Motion died for lack of a second. Councilmember Bishop moved, and Councilmember Jensen seconded, to discuss the City’s sign code at the next Planning & Land Use Committee meeting. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.                         COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION TO REVIEW SIGN CODE APPROVED
EXECUTIVE SESSION: RCW 42.30.110 (f), (i) No action was taken following the executive session.  
ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.