City Waives Late Fees, Shutoffs for August 2018 Bill

In light of the higher utility bills during the summer, the City is waiving late fees and suspending water shutoffs for the August 2018 bill. This means that utility customers have additional time to get caught up on their bill, if needed. Normal late fees and shutoffs will resume with the October 31st bill, which is due the middle of November.

The City appreciates the impact an unexpectedly high bill can have on a tight family budget and hopes that this one-time extended grace period will allow Ferndale residents the flexibility they need to adjust. The City urges residents not to use this as an opportunity to fall behind but rather to catch up and stay current with their utility bill.

For more information or for details on a specific utility bill, please call our utility clerk at (360) 384-4269 or email her by clicking here.

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