With utility statements going out at the end of August, the City has received plenty of questions about an unexpectedly high bill.

Part of this uptick in cost is that last year, the City Council voted to eliminate the summer use subsidy, where the City would absorb some of the cost of sewer during the summer. However with the need for a new sewer treatment facility, the City and the Council eliminated that subsidy last year so now everyone pays the same rate, year-round.

That said, there are some things residents can do to ease the burden of a high bill. If they qualify, our rate assistance program will take 25% off your bill. Click here to learn more about this program.

The City has also assembled a list of tips to conserve water. Saving water helps lower the utility bill, helps the City make sure there is enough water to go around during the hot months and helps the planet by easing our impact on the local ecosystem. Those tips can be found here.

If there are still questions about a specific utility bill, please call our utility clerk Danielle at (360) 384-4269 or email her by clicking here and she can provide the details needed.

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