City Forms Ferndale Civics Youth Coalition

The City of Ferndale is adding a new advisory group to provide input on city affairs made entirely of youth. The Ferndale Civics Youth Coalition, composed of Ferndale High School and home school students from the area will be meeting on a monthly basis to share their thoughts and perspectives on upcoming city issues. The group, coordinated by City Staff, will be reviewing materials provided to the City Council, as well as addressing issues raised by the members that they wish the city to take up.

“This is a unique opportunity for our youth community to have a voice, and a seat at the table,” said Mayor Jon Mutchler. “We want them to be engaged in City business, since everything we do builds the city where they live.”

Their next meeting, planned for November, will address transportation and walking routes throughout the city. For more information and a complete list of members, check out their page here with the other Boards and Commissions.

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