Announcing the Winners of the Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery

Congratulations to the winners of the Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery:

1st Place – Mike, Joan, Michael, Tera and Audrey Contezac

2nd Place – Carol and Jerry Van Sambeek, Brie, Gigi and Amelie Ambler

3rd Place – Dean, Tayen, Nyla, Carolyn Withrow

4th Place – Casey Osman, Kara Helms, Karen Osman, Heyden Pinkston

5th Place – Kaden, Kathleen, Sarah and Hazel Morris

6th Place – Jon, Jamie, Jadyn and Jaclyn Denham

and of course a big thank you to all 168 participants who took the opportunity to explore our city and meet your neighbors. This adventure was made possible by the Whatcom Community Foundation as part of their #ProjectNeighborly initiative. Until next time, detectives! #FerndaleMystery

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