The Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery

Grab your best detective hat, the game is afoot! Someone has stolen the spirit of Ferndale and we need your help finding it. Join us for the Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery.

The Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery from City of Ferndale on Vimeo.

The Clues So Far:

and here’s the winners:

Announcing the Winners of the Midsummer Mystery from City of Ferndale on Vimeo.

How to Play:

It is free to play – all you need is a team of detectives and a willingness to explore your city!

The first step is pick up a scorecard which you can download by clicking here, or find at City Hall or at Food Truck Fridays (June 1st and July 6th) at Star Park. This is how keep track of the clues you’ve found and the points you’ve earned.

Next step is gather your team. Teams can be up to five people and you get extra points for a team that brings together people from outside your usual circles so get creative. After all, this is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Hunting for Evidence:

Clues will be distributed through the City’s facebook page (found here), twitter account (found here) and posted at City Hall, the Ferndale Library and the Ferndale Visitor Center. The first clue will be released Sat. July 1st, and then after that it is every Tuesday and Friday until July 20th.

The clues will lead you to envelopes of evidence displayed around town. Most of them are in Ferndale Parks but not all of them. The envelopes look like this:

Inside the envelope is a secret code. Write this down on your scorecard to get points for that treasure. The secret code is a word scramble. If you unscrambled all the clues, you will find the answer to the question, “Who stole the spirit of Ferndale?”

Exploring Your City:

There is so much more you can do to participate and win points for your team. On your scorecard, under “Exploring Your City”, there are number of other activities you can do. They can be accomplished individually or as a team, whichever you prefer. All the activities require you to record something on the scorecard – and more details on each activity are on the backside of your scorecard.

Prizes and Winners:

All scorecards are due by 4pm on Tuesday, July 24th. Winners will be announced on July 25th.

All participants will receive a medal for finishing the Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery.

1st Place: $500 Cash, misc. toys and prizes

2nd Place: $250 Cash, misc. toys and prizes

3rd Place: $100 Cash, misc. toys and prizes

4th – 6th place: Gift certificates to local businesses.

Final Thoughts:

The Great Ferndale Midsummer Mystery is designed to get people outside, moving around and enjoying our city but as you can imagine, all these things involve a little risk. Please be safe and use good judgement when exploring and interacting with others. Participants play at their own risk.

Thank you again to the Whatcom Community Foundation for the Project Neighborly Grant that made this all possible.

This event is part of our 2018 “Summer of Fun”. You can find out about more free recreational events by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Recreation Coordinator Riley Sweeney at (360) 685-2353 or email him by clicking here.

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