City Council Committee Assignments

Public Works & Utilities Committee Ramon Llanos, Herb Porter, and Paul Shuey
Finance & Administration Committee Kate Bishop, Erin Gunter, and Ali Hawkinson
Planning & Land Use Committee Kate Bishop, Ryan O’Larey, and Herb Porter


City Council Liaison Assignments

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) Ryan O’Larey
Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee Ramon Llanos
Ferndale School Board Erin Gunter
Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA)   Ali Hawkinson
Whatcom County Fire District #7 Herb Porter
Ferndale Senior Center Ali Hawkinson
Chamber of Commerce Ali Hawkinson
Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB) Erin Gunter
Ferndale Heritage Society Herb Porter
Old Settlers Association Erin Gunter
Arts Commission Ali Hawkinson
Ferndale Downtown Association Ryan O’Larey
Community Service Cooperative Kate Bishop
Ferndale Public Market Paul Shuey
Planning Commission Kate Bishop
American Legion Herb Porter
Ferndale Community Coalition Greg Hansen, Ramon Llanos
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