Whatcom Old Settlers Variety Show

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Whatcom Old Settlers Association and the City were unable to hold our 125th Old Settlers Weekend. Undeterred, they collaborated to create a unique celebration of Ferndale’s history and culture.

Presenting the Whatcom Old Settlers Variety Show!

It is available for streaming below. The show is organized based on the course of Ferndale’s history, starting with our friends and neighbors, the Lummi Nation, and coming all the way to modern day. Below there is music, documentaries, history, storytelling, adventure and more.

While it is no substitute for Old Settlers Weekend, hopefully this celebration of Ferndale will help ease the heartache and provide some joy during these difficult times.

*All performances and interviews were filmed using best practices including social distancing and a zoom lens to preserve the safety of all involved.

Ferndale Mayor Greg Hansen and Whatcom Old Settlers Association President Lynda Lucas introduce the Old Settlers Variety Show.

Music: Kicking it off with “One Foot Out the Door” from the High Mountain String Band

History and Culture: This piece is a documentary about the historic 2019 Paddle to Lummi event where tribal members from around the world came together at the Stommish gounds. This documentary was produced by the Children of the Setting Sun Productions, which enlivens the rich history, legacies, stories & historical traditions of the Salish people. You can find out more at their website here.

History: Fred Sutclife with the Ferndale Heritage Society shares some of the history about the cabins at Pioneer Park. You can find out more by clicking here.

Music: The High Mountain String Band brings us Raleigh and Spencer, a classic Appalachian tune.

Entertainment: This is an original radio drama, written and produced for the Whatcom Old Settlers Variety Show. It is set in 1932 Ferndale, and tells the story of Marshal James Wells as he investigates a missing horse from the McKay family farm. Produced by the team behind Bellingham Terror, this radio drama is a tribute to the adventure serials of the past and was written with considerable research assistance from the Ferndale Record. For full cast list and historical footnotes about this radio drama, click here.

Music: Elzik’s Farewell from the High Mountain String Band

History: Former Mayor and lifelong resident Gary Jensen and third generation Old Settlers President Laurie Irwin share their memories and stories from Pioneer Days past, including the so-called riot of 1975, the history of the carnival and why the teen dance was such a big deal.

History: Lynda Lucas, president of the Whatcom Old Settlers Association, shares the history of the Old Settlers Picnic and how you can get involved for next year.

Music: Georgia Buck from the High Mountain String Band

Closing remarks by Mayor Greg Hansen and Lynda Lucas

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