Volunteer Clean Up Scheduled for Flair Park Saturday May 13th

Flair Park

The Parks, Recreation, and Trails Advisory Board is holding a volunteer clean up day at Flair Park on Saturday May 13th at 10am. Participants will be weeding, cleaning and improving the park in the first of a series of volunteer events focused on our smaller neighborhood parks located throughout the city. Volunteers are invited to bring their own gloves.

Flair Park is located at 5610 Poplar Drive. The 0.9-acre park was renovated in 2001 and has a half basketball court; children’s play equipment, open grassy areas and picnic tables. Flair Park was dedicated to the City in February 1971.

This is a separate event from the City-Wide Clean Up Day, which is May 20th and organized by the Ferndale Downtown Association.

For any questions, please call Riley Sweeney, Communications Officer at (360) 685-2353.

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