Residents Save Over 8.9 Million Gallons of Water this Summer

This summer, thanks to conservation efforts by the people of Ferndale, the city as a whole saved more than 8.9 million gallons of water from being used as compared to last year. Water usage for July and August was the lowest water usage in the last six years.

A combination of the mandatory watering restrictions, outreach to the community and individual conservation efforts resulted in easing the load on the local aquifer, saving wear and tear on the city’s utility system, helping to reduce or prolong some capitol improvements and lower water bills for residents.

“While we are working to secure our new well and expand our water treatment plant, we appreciate everyone doing their part to conserve this summer,” said Public Works Director Kevin Renz. “Letting your lawn mature to gold each year really does have a big impact.”

The mandatory watering restrictions expire on Sunday, Sept. 15th. With the temperatures dropping and the fall rainy weather arriving, residents are welcome to use water how they see fit; however conservation can have a big impact on an individual utility bill, and being attentive to water us helps further conserve this resource. For more ideas on how to conserve water, go to

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