City of Ferndale Washington Requests for Qualification (RFQ)

Wastewater Local Improvement District (LID) General and Specific Benefit Study

The City of Ferndale is seeking a certified real estate appraiser to complete a two-stage special benefit study for a proposed Local Improvement District (LID) extending wastewater service to the Grandview Area in north Ferndale.

The services shall be in two stages – the first phase being a general special benefit appraisal to determine the overall financial feasibility of extending the utility to the area and the benefited property areas ability to support the cost of the project.

The second phase would be an individual property specific benefit appraisal analysis to determine the benefit area preliminary assessments. Financial feasibility in the first phase will determine if the second phase is warranted. The City has completed the preliminary design for the Grandview Sewer Extension, North Malloy Avenue to Portal Way.

Please submit the following information:

  1. Overall experience and qualifications in completing LID appraisals as well as specific experience related to wastwater extension LID appraisals
  2. Planned schedule, milestones, project team and anticipated completion date

The City will rank submission on the following criteria:

  1. Project understanding
  2. Experience and qualifications of the firm and project team
  3. LID appraisal experience with similar projects

Please limit your response to a maximum of 10 double sided pages. Please submit four (4) printed and bound copies and one electronic file in PDF format by 3PM on July 18, 2018 to:

Kevin Renz
Public Works Director City of Ferndale
PO Box 936
Ferndale WA 98229


Questions should be directed to Kevin Renz at 360.685.2376 or email More details can be found on our website here.

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