Information for General Public & Business

Pet Waste Management and Disposal

There are approximately 2,744 dogs in Ferndale. Those dogs produce over 900 pounds of  waste every day.

Picking up pet waste reduces dangerous pathogens in City of Ferndale waters and keeps your shoes clean. Pet waste does not biodegrade like wild animal waste, and may contain harmful organisms like E. Coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms, and cryptosporidium. If not disposed of properly, it can pose a hazard to human health and the environment, and runoff can flow to the stormwater system and streams.

Protect people, pets, shellfish, and the environment. Pick up pet waste every time you are out on in public, and every day at home. Especially if your yard is near water or a storm drain. Always place pet waste in a trash container.

Cleaning Supplies

Using natural cleaning products can have a positive effect not only what enters the water, but what enters our bodies.

Disposal/Recycling Information

Dispose of hazardous materials properly and recycle items to keep them out of our water.

Homeowners’ Associations/Property Owners

Stormwater Facilities

Low Impact Development

Septic Systems

The City is responsible for the sanitary sewer utility system; however, there are remaining septic systems within the City limits. Proper maintenance of those systems is key to keeping our water clean.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Help to ensure the ways in which you care for your vehicle are not impacting fish and other wildlife downstream.

Yard Care

The choices you make while caring for your yard can impact stormwater. Learn techniques to reduce the amount of water coming from your yard and improve the quality of that water.


Free on-site technical assistance to control and prevent toxic pollution sources in Ferndale through the Whatcom County Health Department Local Source Control Program.

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