Vista Avenue

2nd Avenue to Shuksan Street

Formerly known as the Ferndale to Blaine Road, Vista Drive carries a large volume of traffic travelling from Ferndale’s downtown core to many residential areas in Ferndale and beyond (rumor has it you can still get to Blaine!).

This much traversed roadway is starting to show its age, with worn pavement and areas where the foundation has failed. The City is excited to undertake a repair project to restore the pavement and failed roadway sections, install ADA compliant ramps where needed, as well as replace an aged sewer line between Third Avenue and the Malloy Avenue roundabout, which is as old as nearly any other section of sewer in Ferndale. Project construction is slated to begin in June 2013. Portions of Vista Drive will be closed to through traffic during the project, but those travelling to or from a residence or business within the construction area will be able to access their destination. Because road projects can be a trying time while underway, we would like to encourage you to make the extra effort to patronize businesses in or near the construction.

This project is possible because of about $100,000 in funding from the voter-approved Ferndale Transportation Benefit District and a $518,500 grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s Arterial Preservation Program. The City’s sewer utility fund will cover costs associated with replacing sewer line.

Information will be posted about the project as it becomes available.

Engineer’s Estimate Range: $1,050,000 to $1,160,000.


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