Main Street and LaBounty Drive Roundabout Project


The City has been in the process of identifying areas of traffic and infrastructure needs in the area surrounding the Main Street and LaBounty Drive intersection for several years.  In 2012, City Council adopted the Main Street Master Plan and a Planned Action Ordinance (Ordinance 1710).  Also at the request of Department of Ecology, the City completed the “Ferndale Gateway Stormwater Study: Characterization and Basin Planning,” in 2013.  The outcome of this process identified improvement projects to provide adequate infrastructure for current as well as future development in the area.   Modifications to the Ferndale Comprehensive Plan were also made to support the new regulations that had been identified in the process. The City installed a portion of the needed stormwater improvements, Gateway Main Street South Stormwater Project, which was identified in the Gateway Stormwater Study, from Main Street south to LaBounty Drive in 2015.  The City will be installing another section of the needed stormwater improvements, Gateway North Stormwater Project, between Riverside Drive and the Nooksack River in summer 2017.

These new regulations and codes adopted as part of the Planned Action Ordinance has afforded the City the ability to quickly and efficiently move forward to complete the design and construct the infrastructure required.  The City Council also recognized an opportunity to reduce costs by achieving an economy of scale by combining multiple projects proposed for the area into one project.  The future project may be a combination of a two lane roundabout at the intersection of Main Street and LaBounty Drive; installation of a storm drain conveyance system from Main Street to the Nooksack River; construction of a sanitary sewer line and a storm drain line on LaBounty Drive; a traffic signal at the intersection of LaBounty Drive and Nordic Way; roadway improvements, including new curb, gutter, and sidewalks on LaBounty Drive.

The City has begun the permitting process and is completing design work.


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