Crack Sealing, City Wide Project


This maintenance project will address aging sections of roadway on Main Street between Third Avenue and Barrett Avenue using a variety of techniques, including crack seal, grind and overlay, and full depth pavement removal and replacement.  During work, settled utility lids will be adjusted or raised.  As part of this project, the City will also be soliciting bids for consideration to crack seal the following sections of roadways: Main Street (Barrett to east City limits), Vista Drive (north City limits to Thornton Street), Vista Drive (Thornton Street to Malloy Avenue), Thornton Street (Della Drive to Church Street), and Thornton Street (Church Street to Shannon Avenue).  After bid opening, the City may choose to crack seal all, a portion, or none of these sections of roadways.  This project is scheduled for construction in late summer/early fall of 2015 and will be funded through the Transportation Benefit District.

Bid Process

Note to bidders: if you download plans and specifications from this website, please email us to be added to the planholders’ list.

  • Engineers Estimate Range: $240,000 to $325,000 for the Main Street base bid only OR $450,000 to $615,000 for Main Street base bid plus all five alternates
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 11:00 AM, August 20, 2015, at the Ferndale City Hall Main Conference Room, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, WA 98248
  • Bid Opening: 3:00 PM, September 1, 2015, at Ferndale City Hall Main Conference Room, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, WA 98248
  • Bid Award: Scheduled for consideration at the September 8, 2015, Ferndale City Council Meeting
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Project Plans
  • Project Specifications
  • Planholders’ List
  • Addendum #1 – Posted August 24, 2015
  • Certified Bid Tabulation
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