Ferndale partners with the Whatcom County Public Works Department for paint striping.  Due to the unforeseen and sudden change in today’s weather, some of the work started this morning was adversely affected.  Crews suspended painting activities and have taken necessary steps to perform containment and cleanup actions where paint lines were not yet cured and were impacted by the rain.  Those streets include Main Street, Douglas Road, Hendrickson Avenue and Ferndale Road. 

If you notice paint on your vehicle, the City recommends washing it off as soon as possible.   The paint used is water based and any tracked paint can be cleaned off vehicles using a standard automotive soap and water. 

County crews were scheduled to restripe City streets today and tomorrow, but has been called off due to an unexpected rain event.  Striping work may continue tomorrow as planned, but is weather dependent.  Please feel free to contact Ferndale Public Works for additional information at (360) 384-4006.

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