Nooksack River Set to Reach Moderate Flood Stage this Weekend

Heavy rains and snow melt are predicted to push the Nooksack River to moderate flood stage this weekend. As the river rises, the City urges residents to obey all road closures, use caution and if there is water over the road, utilize an alternative route.

According the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s prediction as of Wednesday morning, the Nooksack River is set to reach flooding level in Ferndale Saturday morning with a crest at 20.95 feet around 10am on Sunday. Ferndale Public Works crew are mobilized to close roads, parks and public facilities as they are impacted. The Army Corps of Engineers will be on site to monitor the impacts to the Ferndale levy and first responders will be on hand in case any private residences or locations need to be evacuated.

“While major impacts from a flood at this stage is relatively rare, we are taking every precaution to ensure that the public is safe during this flooding event,” said Public Works Director Kevin Renz, “The best thing the public can do is avoid adding to the situation. Please obey all road closures and don’t take any chances.”

More information about the City of Ferndale’s flood response and some history of flooding in Ferndale, please visit

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