Mayoral Proclamation

WHEREAS, teachers inspire the next generation and make it possible for kids to realize their potential; and

WHEREAS, teachers open up the world for students and provide the tools for every student to achieve their best lives and futures; and

WHEREAS, teachers dedicate their lives to students and families by working long hours preparing lessons, correcting papers, and planning for growth opportunities; and

WHEREAS, in the City of Ferndale alone, there are approximately 300 teachers employed by the Ferndale School District; and

WHEREAS, it is an honor to recognize teachers and to observe their dedication.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Jon Mutchler, Mayor of the City of Ferndale, do hereby proclaim the May 7th-11th, 2018 as:


‘Teacher Appreciation Week’

in the City of Ferndale, Washington and I urge all people in our City to join me in this special observance.

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