Mayor Mutchler (right) with Mayor Yutaka Ishii of Minamiboso, Japan

This last week, Mayor Jon Mutchler visited Ferndale’s sister city, Minamiboso, Japan. The mayor was serving as part of a delegation from the Bellingham Sister City Association that was participating in the Wakashio Marathon in nearby Tateyama, Japan.

While in Japan, the Mayor attended a traditional tea ceremony, visited a public elementary school, met the official mascot of Tateyama (“Dappe”), explored a tomato farm, ran a marathon and strengthened the international ties that connect our communities.

In 2016, a delegation from Minamiboso came to Ferndale to celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary as sister cities. Ferndale hosted a reception, complete with performances, gifts and cultural exchange. Mutchler was able to see some of those gifts on display at the Minamiboso community center (pictured below).

No public funds were expended on this trip, the airfare was provided for by USA Fit Bellingham, a local running group of which the mayor is a member.

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