Here at the City, we get some unusual requests. Last month, we received a request from a local homeschooled family that was interested in Japan. They have a seven year old daughter, Scarlette, who wanted to see if she could connect with a pen pal in Japan.

Thankfully, the Mayor had recently returned from a visit to our sister city, Minamiboso, Japan so he reached out to a few of his host families. With a little work, we helped connect her with Seri, a seven year old girl living in Minamiboso. Scarlette sent off a package with pictures and a note and just recently received the same back. Together, they are learning more about each others lives and what they have in common.

We are proud of our sister city relationship with Minamiboso and delighted that we could make this connection. May we all continue to learn more about what unites us as people on this earth.

— Riley Sweeney
Communications Officer
City of Ferndale

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