The Ferndale Arts Commission is calling for a Coast Salish artist to install a mural in downtown Ferndale. Artists are invited to submit designs that they would then install in downtown Ferndale in the summer of 2021. To honor the original caretakers of the area, the FAC wishes to have a mural installed by a Coast Salish artist. The FAC is partnering with the Lhaq’temish Foundation to create a piece of art at Pioneer Park.

Mural is to be installed on the west side of the Pioneer Pavilion. The size will be a minimum of 700sf but could cover the entire side, with the exception of the windows; full side designs are encouraged. All designs will be vetted by the Ferndale Arts Commission and the Lhaq’temish Foundation. 
“The Ferndale Arts Commission has installed 12 murals as part of the Downtown Mural Project since 2018, from a variety of artists and volunteers. Our goal for this mural is to collaborate with a Coast Salish artist to bring this acknowledgement to the Pioneer Pavilion” said Rebecca Xczar, Chairperson of the Ferndale Arts Commission.
Interested artists should submit at least one sketch in color, with height and size preferences, along with any relevant previous experience (pictures of prior murals completed or other art projects).
Deadline for submission is June 25th, 2021. Send all submissions to Rebecca Xczar at For more information, please call (360) 319-2677.

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