At 9:48am this morning, Ferndale Police responded to a report from school district personnel of a suspicious device found in the parking lot of Mountain View Elementary School. Officers secured the device and removed it to a safe location. Using a K9 unit and additional support from the Bellingham Police Department, the Ferndale Police swept the surrounding area for additional threats and found nothing.

The device appears to be a modified commercial fireworks mortar. At this time, the Ferndale Police believe that there is no specific danger to the school, students or personnel although the investigation is ongoing.

Starting this year, the Ferndale School District is leasing part of the facility to the Educational Service District for a program serving 38 students from across Whatcom County. Per Law Enforcement, students remain onsite and are safely continuing school activities in the gymnasium.

Ferndale Police Department will update the public as more information becomes publicly available. For more information, please call Communications Officer Riley Sweeney at (360) 685-2353.

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