• September 12, 2018
  • 8:00 AM
  • City Hall

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  • Russell

    The recent water/sewer price increase is the single most ridiculous thing I have dealt with from a city I have lived in! The city council members should be ashamed of themselves!!! With little to no warning, most people can’t afford to just paid an exorbitant bill. I am hearing stories of 700 dollar water and sewer bills…. that is crazy, and should be criminal! Personally my bills went from about 175 for two months to 400 for the same amount of time. With the water quality not being very good anyway, raising the cost without improving water quality is not okay!! Again you should be ashamed!! I would say get ready for some very tense and angry city council meetings very soon!

  • Cindy

    Water Sewer rate increase: At first I was shocked that I owed $689 for July/August water and sewer use as my prior bills were around $200. These 2 months were very hot and I watered our yard more. My bill showed that my water usage was 3 times higher than the prior months. In doing the math, had the rates not increased, my water sewer costs for July and August would have been about $592. Therefore it seems the rate increased my bill about $97, or about $48 per month. This represents about a 6% rate increase and is not unreasonable (although some residents may not agree …). What is the total % rate increase that the City Council imposed? Next summer I plan to water my yard less often so my bill will be lower. I moved to Ferndale in December 2017 so was not aware of the high cost of water here. It was a “perfect storm” for the Council as the rate increases occurred at the same time we had record heat this summer so residents used more water. Many are upset with the Council over the higher August bills but this was not due just to the % rate increase. Thanks for listening.

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