Councilmember Cathy Watson Receives Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership

This month, the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) awarded Councilmember Cathy Watson an Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership in recognition of her service, leadership and educational achievements. The program recognizes,  “Mayors and councilmembers who continue to strive for excellence by attending conferences and trainings, serving their community, and further developing leadership skills.”

Watson, who has been on the City Council since 2012, serves as the Chairperson of the Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) Board of Directors, is the council liaison to the Ferndale Arts Commission and Ferndale Senior Center, and volunteers with a number of community organizations including the Ferndale Auxillary Communication Service and teaching school children robotics at the Ferndale Library.

“Every member of Council works hard to ensure we keep up with latest rules, regulations, and best practices, and this AWC program has a been a wonderful way to set learning and leadership goals for myself,” said Watson.

City officials receive the Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership after earning 60 credits  AWC trainings and demonstrating community service.

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