Council Meeting Summary for Sept. 4th, 2019

City Council Agenda Follow-Up September 3, 2019  
5:00 p.m. FINANCIAL WORKSHOP City Administrator Jori Burnett  and Finance Director Sirke Salminen presented a background and possible funding options for new or expanded City facilities. (City Hall, Municipal Court, Council Chambers.)   INFO ONLY
APPROVAL OF AGENDA Councilmember Hansen moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. MOTION CARRIED 7-0. APPROVED
CONSENT AGENDA Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Bersch seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  MOTION CARRIED 7-0.    APPROVED
2019 PERMITS UPDATE Assistant Planner Jesse Ashbaugh presented updates on private development applications in 2019.   INFO ONLY  
RESOLUTION: Denouncing White Supremacy (Amended) On August 19th a resolution denouncing white supremacy was approved. This earlier resolution included a “hidden message” that implied a profanity. Council requested that the resolution be amended to remove this hidden message. Councilmember Bersch moved, and Councilmember Hansen seconded, to approve the resolution with modifications to the order of the “Whereas” statements. Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Bishop seconded, to amend the motion to add the following paragraph as Section 3 of the resolution: “The City of Ferndale calls upon our neighbors, businesses, religious leaders, government officials, and local law enforcement to develop strategies and actions to stop the rise of threats of violence and symbols of hate speech in our community, and to take further steps to ensure that the City of Ferndale is a place where citizens experience inclusion, acceptance, and love.” ON THE AMENDMENT: MOTION CARRIED 7-0 ON THE MAIN, AMENDED MOTION: MOTION CARRIED 7-0.             APPROVED AS AMENDED  
RESOLUTION: Declaration of Admonishment In response to a grievance filed against Councilmember Olson by a City staff member, Council has determined that Councilmember Olson has engaged in conduct of a discriminatory and harassing nature. Council has asked that a declaration of admonishment be read into the record, and that any such acts must cease. Mayor Mutchler recused himself from the discussion and Mayor Pro Tem Kate Bishop presided over this item. Mayor Pro Tem Bishop read the declaration of admonishment into the record. Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Xczar seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 5-2, Councilmembers Jensen and Olson opposed.           APPROVED
ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.  
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