Annexations and Urban Growth Areas

The City of Ferndale over time grows by bringing more land into City limit boundaries. This process is known as annexation, and it is done at the request and approval of property owners outside of the City limits in what is known as the Urban Growth Area. These designated UGAs are designed to spell out future areas the City might annex based on property owner requests. That process is coordinated with Whatcom County and other cities.

Ferndale has worked to spell out a long-range plan that designates which areas of the UGA are most appropriate to be annexed into City limits at certain times, from five years, to 20 years, to perhaps even longer. This Annexation Blueprint will help City leaders for generations know how to best grow and be prepared to develop plans to pay for crucial services new residents will need, including police protection and essential infrastructure like roads and utilities.

Here is a presentation from City Administrator Jori Burnett to City Council about the Annexation history and process for Ferndale

Below are documents related to both annexation planning and planning for the City’s Urban Growth Areas.


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