City of Ferndale’s Permit Process Goes Paper Free

Going Paper Free from City of Ferndale on Vimeo.

Starting this month, the City of Ferndale’s permitting process is going entirely electronic, cutting through the red tape and creating a swifter, more transparent process for building in Ferndale. Materials and applications could be submitted from anywhere in the world through our online permit center. Staff can then review the documents and transmit feedback electronically to applicants.

“This is a big leap forward in terms of efficiency, cost-savings and increasing productivity,” said Community Development Director Jori Burnett. “With the new system, multiple staff members can be working on the same application at the same time, allowing for faster turnarounds and better cooperation.” He also notes the transition to digital will reduce the amount of space needed to store plans and allow for easier access to digital records.

Going paper free also has an impact for inspectors in the field. “This will allow our inspectors on site to immediately send feedback and receive notes from the project engineers,” said Public Works Director Kevin Renz.

To learn more about the City’s efforts to go paper free, please watch the video embedded above. You can access our Online Permit Center by clicking here.

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