2021 Winter Unclaimed Property Auction

Start off the New Year by shopping local! You will find items for auction at www.Govdeals.com. These are items that have been unclaimed or found property and left at the Police Department.

Make sure to pre-register in order to participate in the auction. Auction starts on Monday, February 1st! You will find hand and power tools, Apple products, Compressor, Generator, Mini Bike, Stroller, Digital cameras and collectible baseball cards.

Click here to access a flyer with complete item descriptions and pictures.

Ferndale Police Recover Stolen Mail

The Ferndale Police Department received multiple reports of mail theft on 11/22/2020.  In response to inquiries, lost batches of mail were recovered by residents and turned in to local authorities. Mail destined for addresses in Marysville, Bellingham and Ferndale was recovered.

Ferndale officers ultimately gathered two large bags of mail, dozens of opened packages and have begun contacting victims.

The Ferndale Police Department would like to remind everyone that during the holidays, there is often an increase in mail theft. With the increased use of online ordering due to the pandemic, it is especially common this year.  We encourage everyone to be diligent and check their mail daily.  This will reduce the likelihood of residents being victimized.

If you have any information to assist in identifying the vehicle or any suspects, please contact Officer Brown at (360) 483-5731 or via email at sbrown@ferndalepd.org.

Mobile Grocery Delivery Truck Sparks Online Rumor Mill

Mobile Grocery Delivery Truck Sparks Online Rumor Mill

On 11/19/2020, Officers from the Ferndale Police Department responded to the 2300 block of Douglas Rd.  It was reported that a male and female in a white van had lured children into their van with candy. It was also reported that the subjects asked the children for money.  As you can imagine, this alarmed many parents in the area. Some have taken to Facebook and posted about this incident in an attempt to protect our community.

The Ferndale Police Department conducted an investigation and determined that the subjects are operating a mobile grocery store.  The vehicle was actually a repurposed delivery box truck. The owners admitted that they allowed children inside the box truck.  They also stated they allowed the children to look around and that they told the children to ask their parents for money to purchase candy. Ferndale officers confirmed the owners have a valid reseller permit from the Department of Revenue.

The Ferndale Police Department would like to remind everyone that what you read on the internet is not always what it seems.  During these hard times, people of our community are doing whatever they can to get through this crisis.  Yes, some of these ventures are legitimate and some not. If you see something suspicious, report it to the Police and allow them time to do a thorough investigation.  If you participate in something going viral on the internet, you may be harming someone in your community unnecessarily.

“The City of Ferndale is a wonderful place to live. In these hard times we need to do our best to have a positive outlook and project that on our neighbors.  If we talk to one another, ask the appropriate questions and have some compassion for those around us.  We really will have a ‘Stronger Community Together,’” said Police Chief Kevin Turner.

Ferndale Police Seek Public’s Help Identifying Burglary Suspects

Burglary Suspects (more pictures below)

Ferndale Police Seek Public’s Help Identifying Burglary Suspects

On 10/27/2020, Officers from the Ferndale Police Department, Deputies from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office and Officers from Bellingham Police Department responded to two attempted burglaries of a marijuana retail store in the 6100 block of Portal Way.

During both events, two males who appear to be Caucasian attempted to kick in the door of the marijuana retail store. The first incident occurred at approximately 00:51 hours on 10/27/2020.  WCSO deputies responded with a K-9 but a track was unsuccessful.  The suspects were not able to make entry but caused significant damage to the door and door frame.  The store owner responded and repaired the door.

At approximately 04:55 hours the two subjects returned and again attempted to kick down the door to make entry. They were unsuccessful for a second time and fled on foot out of camera view.  Bellingham officers responded with a K-9 but a track was again unsuccessful.

Ferndale Police Department is seeking help from citizens in identifying the two would-be burglars. 

Still shots from video surveillance of the two subjects have been provided by the store owner.  One suspect was wearing what is believed to be a muted Chicago Bulls hat and a Seattle Seahawks drawstring backpack.  He is also wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a unique logo on the front. The second suspect is wearing a red drawstring backpack and a Nike Air fanny pack.

If you have any information to assist in identifying either of these suspects, please contact Officer Brown at (360) 483-5731 or via email at sbrown@ferndalepd.org.

Ferndale Police Set to Begin Processing Concealed Pistol Licenses

SIG Pro with ammo

The Ferndale Police Department will begin processing and issuing concealed pistol licenses starting Oct. 26th, 2020. Due to the pandemic limiting the ability to take fingerprints, applications had been suspended however thanks to a local private fingerprint processer, the department is once again able to process and issue licenses.

Full details, including instructions, fees and the application are available on our website here. For questions, please call the Ferndale Police Department at (360) 384-3390.

Ferndale Robbery Suspects Arrested

Ferndale Robbery Suspects Arrested

Ramadmi Rashid (04/29/1989) and Jeana Hall (08/07/1992) were arrested in the early hours of October 20, 2020 on charges of robbery in the first degree. A third, unknown suspect is still at large.  Ramadmi Rashid is also suspected to be involved in a separate robbery which occurred earlier on October 19, 2020 in the City of Bellingham. 

Witness accounts and video evidence show Ramandi Rashid and an unknown male suspect arrived at a commercial business located in the 6000 block of Portal Way at approximately 10 pm on October 19, 2020. The two suspects made small purchases, came in-and-out of the business several times, and stayed in the parking lot area until almost 11 pm. That is the normal closing time for the business.

The unknown suspect reentered the business and pointed a handgun at an employee. The employee gave the suspect the money from the cash drawer.  Witness accounts and video evidence show the unknown suspect and Ramadmi Rashid fleeing from the business on foot. 

A short time later, a Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff located a subject driving a vehicle in the area of this robbery. The driver of the vehicle matched the descriptions of the unknown suspect from this incident. That driver failed to yield when the Deputy tried to stop the car which led to a vehicle pursuit.  Deputies were able to get the vehicle stopped, at which time three subjects fled from the car.

Bellingham Police Department K-9 Officers assisted with tracking and apprehending Ramadmi Rashid and Jeana Hall.  When contacted Jenna Hall had a significant amount of money stuffed into her clothing and had dropped money as she fled from the suspect vehicle. 

Based on the fact that Ramadmi Rashid participated in the robbery by acting as a distraction and a lookout, as well as fleeing with the unknown suspect, probable cause existed to arrest him for robbery in the first degree. 

Based on the fact that Jeana Hall fled with the suspects of this incident that she attempted to flee from a vehicle stopped by law enforcement with large amounts of money hidden in her clothing, believed to be stolen from this incident, probable cause existed to arrest her for robbery in the first degree.

Both subjects were booked into Whatcom County Jail.  

Drug Take Back Day Scheduled with Ferndale Police Oct. 24th, 10am-2pm

Too often, unused prescription drugs find their way into the wrong hands. That’s dangerous and often tragic. That’s why the DEA and the Ferndale Police Department are asking residents to clean out their medicine cabinets and turn in – safely and anonymously – their unused prescription drugs.

Stop by the Ferndale Police Department (2220 Main Street) on Saturday Oct. 24th from 10am-2pm to dispose of any leftover prescription or over-the-counter medication.

COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place so please observe social distancing and wear a mask. Medication is welcome however we will not be accepting IV solutions, injectibles, syringes, inhalers, vape devices (with batteries that cannot be removed), or medical waste.

Please remove any identifying information from the label or use a permanent marker to black out that information prior to disposal.

Participation helps prevent a tragedy – for more information, please call the Ferndale Police Station at 360-384-3390.

City Statement about Upcoming Black Lives Matter Rally on July 31st

city hall sign

The City is aware of the upcoming youth-led Black Lives Matters rally scheduled for July 31st. The City has not issued a permit for the event as Whatcom County is still in Phase 2 and gatherings over five people are not allowed, however the City has been in communication with the organizers.

For all who choose to participate, whether in support or opposition, the City strongly urges residents to practice social distancing, wear masks, obey all laws and most importantly, peacefully assemble.

“Our students have a civic right, and in my opinion, a responsibility to peacefully raise their voices and advocate for what they believe. As do all of our residents, no matter their beliefs or concerns. Wherever you stand, we are a community of neighbors. Ferndale can all agree to a respectful discourse without ugliness, intimidation or threats,” said Mayor Greg Hansen.

Ferndale Police will be on site to monitor the situation and will take action as necessary to protect the safety of the community and our residents.

Phone Scam Targets Whatcom Residents

SCAM ALERT: Someone is calling Whatcom residents and posing as the Ferndale Police Department. They insist the victim has a warrant out for their arrest and require that the victim send in gift cards in large amounts to resolve the issue.

If you receive one of these calls, please hang up and call 911 to report it. Never give out personal or financial information over the phone to an unknown caller, even if they claim that they are the Ferndale Police.

Ferndale Municipal Court to Resume May 29th

Ferndale Municipal Court to Resume May 29th

Starting May 29th, the Ferndale Municipal Court will hold court for the first time since Gov. Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order went into effect. New sanitization and social distancing protocols will be in effect and participants will be required to wear a face covering. Those who arrive without face coverings will be provided one by the court.

“Justice is an essential function and I am relieved to be able to resume this important work,” said Judge Mark Kaiman. “We will be taking the steps necessary to move forward in a safe and responsible way.” Ferndale Municipal Court deals with cases relating to non-traffic and traffic infractions, criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors.

Ferndale Municipal Court is held on Friday mornings at the City Annex, located at 5694 Second Ave, Ferndale.

Hearings that were scheduled for March 20th through April 24th are being rescheduled in the order they were originally received. For questions about a specific hearing, please contact the Court Clerk at 360.384.2827, or by email at info@ferndalecourts.org.

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