Citywide Scavenger Hunt Begins July 2nd

This July, the public is invited to participate in this year’s citywide scavenger hunt in the City of Ferndale. It is called the Great Ferndale Frontier Folly.

Clues will be released through the City’s facebook, twitter and website starting July 2nd that will lead participants to find the hidden cow banners throughout Ferndale’s parks. Find the cows and complete other activities, such as talking with a veteran, finding an unusual plant or animal or visiting the police station to score points – the highest scoring teams win cash prizes, toys and more.

“This is a great opportunity to explore your city, meet your neighbors and solve some riddles,” said Recreation Coordinator Riley Sweeney. Scorecards can be picked up at City Hall or downloaded from the City website. Participants must turn in their scorecard by Tuesday, July 27th to be eligible for prizes.

For rules, details and scorecards, please visit

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