City Launches Clean Neighborhoods Initiative

This summer, the City of Ferndale is working with neighbors and businesses to clean up our streets and yards. Efforts will focus on abandoned and scrap vehicles in front yards that are visible to the public and overgrown underbrush that can be a hazard with the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

“Take the time to move that broken down car into a garage and give that yard a mow,” said Mayor Greg Hansen. “These efforts make a big impact on the safety and feel of our community. With the weather turning nice, it is an ideal time to walk through your neighborhood and pick up any trash you find. Exercise and helping your neighbors, the perfect summer activity!”

During the initial outbreak of COVID-19, the City suspended all non-essential functions but as the state begins to reopen, City government is returning to normal operations, including following up on citizen complaints. More information about vehicles in disrepair, yard maintenance requirements and how to file a complaint can be found on the city website here:

City Extends All Permit Expiration Dates

City Extends All Permit Expiration Dates

To account for lost time due to the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, the City of Ferndale is extending all permits expiration dates to allow for projects to move forward.

Applicants with a permit that was in active status and had been issued prior to Friday April 24, 2020 will be reset to the maximum 180 days as allowed by the Ferndale Municipal Code.

“We understand the impacts that are being felt with our construction industry and we want to give people the time they need to complete their projects,” said Mayor Greg Hansen. “We can’t turn back the clock but this is the next best thing.”

For more information or questions about a specific project, please contact Community Development Director Haylie Miller at or 360-685-2367.

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