The EAGLE Board has been created to work constructively with applicants in order to approve proposed EAGLE checklists, mitigation measures and associated points based on the City’s EAGLE Program.  The Board makes findings to the Community Development Director and staff, which will incorporate the Board’s decision into subsequent staff approvals, if applicable.

The Board has the final say on EAGLE-related elements, but does not recommend approval or denial of specific projects.  Because of this, the board has been instructed to work with applicants to find a path to approval, either by seeking flexibility in the EAGLE indicators, by requiring additional effort on the part of the applicant, or both.  The EAGLE Board approaches their review from a standpoint of collaboration and discussion with the applicant, rather than reviews behind closed doors.  Staff supports the EAGLE Board in their role, and provides a staff report and staff recommendations to the board prior to each review

Membership Requirements: Pursuant to FMC 14.05.015, EAGLE Board members Members shall be appointed upon the basis of demonstrated interest in, and knowledge and support of, two or more of the following when applied to land development and/or construction: Environmental Efficiency, Advanced Technologies, Greater Good, Low Impact, and Local Economy. At least three members of the Committee shall reside within the city limits at the time of their appointment and throughout their terms in office. Up to two members may be non-residents who live in the Ferndale School District or whose main employment is with a business located within the Ferndale city limits. Current members of the Ferndale Downtown Development Association (FDDA), the Economic Development Committee (EDC), and the Parks, Recreation and Trails Board (PRTB) are preferred. Due to potential conflict of interest reasons, current members of the City of Ferndale Planning Commission are not eligible for the EAGLE Board. For an application to serve on the EAGLE Board, click here.

 Eagle Board Commissioners Term Expires
Pos. 1: Sam Boulos April 30th, 2022
Pos. 2: Tim Cornwell April 30th, 2022
Pos. 3: Eric Weden (chair) April 30th, 2022
Pos. 4: Sean Hegstead April 30th, 2022
Pos. 5: Robert Tull April 30th, 2022
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