Ferndale Utilities Managed by Other Providers

The City of Ferndale provides water, sewer and stormwater service to residents throughout the city. For the other utilities available, the City maintains a number of franchise agreements with local providers. You can find those agreements here.

For residents looking to set up or change their service, the City has assembled this list of providers available in Ferndale. Please contact the individual providers with questions about service to your residence.

Garbage and Recycling Service

Residents of Ferndale are required to have garbage/recycling service at their residence. Our provider is Sanitary Service Company.


Phone: (360) 734-3490


Power is provided to the City of Ferndale by Puget Sound Energy.


Phone: 1-888-225-5773


Gas service in the City of Ferndale is provided by Cascade Natural Gas.


Phone: 1-888-522-1130

Phone Service

For landline phone service in the City of Ferndale, please contact Verizon.


Phone: 1-800-922-0204

Internet Service

The internet provider for residents of the City of Ferndale is Comcast.


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